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By Bigg Success Staff

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If you don’t have time to read entire books, here’s an answer …

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BizBriefings culls through all the books that are released every week, picks the best one to highlight, and then puts together an eight-page summary that will take you no time to read at all!

So stay current on the top business subjects of the day without spending all your free time reading.

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10 Laws of Survival and Success

By Bigg Success Staff

Bigg Book Review 


It all started as a speech. The speech was received so well that Mark Amtower wrote a book from it – Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes.

Mark, a noted consultant, speaker, radio host, and author, thinks that everyone experiences epiphanies that help us understand reality. However, not everyone recognizes them for what they are – nuggets of wisdom that will make a difference in your life.

We highly recommend this book to you, especially if you’re the leader of an organization. However, it is a great read for anyone who wants to take the high road through life.

At its essence, this book is about adopting an ethical standard for living. That standard, which leads to survival and success, springs from these ten laws: 

#10 – The Law of Tithing
The more successful you are, the more you must contribute to your community.

#9 – The Law of the Food Chain

You must accurately define your market position to maintain momentum.

#8 – The Law of Communication
Simply and truthfully state who you are and what you do.

#7 – The Law of Fidelity

Be loyal to people with influence in your personal and professional life or you may be viewed as unstable and untrustworthy.

#6 – The Law of Divine Right to Attention
You will receive the amount of attention you deserve, base on the value you deliver.

#5 – The Law of Spontaneous Generation
You gain both mindshare and market share incrementally, not instantly.

#4 – The Law of Market Ownership

Market share is rented, not owned. Remain humble and continue to learn.

#3 – The Law of Creation

Epiphanies are worthless without action. Action creates more epiphanies.

#2 – The Law of Leverage
If you live in accordance with the previous eight laws, you’ll be hard to move.

#1 – The Law of Gravitational Pull
If you’re in harmony with the previous nine laws, people will be pulled to you and your chosen niche.

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How To Make $3 Billion A Year

By Bigg Success Staff

Success Story


Unless you’re the Wall Street-type, you’ve probably never heard of John Paulson. You may be familiar with Henry Paulson, the United States Secretary of the Treasury. Well, they’re not related.

We’ll bet that you are familiar with the subprime mortgage mess. John knows it well. He manages his own hedge fund, which made huge bets in the subprime market last year.

In 2007, he made over $3 billion! Yes, we wrote that right. BILLION!

Gregory Zuckerman wrote an excellent article for The Wall Street Journal Online called Wall Street Trader Paulson Made Billions on Subprime. He does a fantastic job describing the details of how John made his billions. It’s definitely worth the read, particularly if you’re a serious investor.

Going against the grain
John bucked the herd mentality with his subprime bet. Most people in the business were still very upbeat about the market. John believed that he had a lot of upside potential with very little downside risk. It turns out he was right.

The biggest winners are often “contrarians”. But be careful – find ways to minimize your risk without sacrificing your reward too much.

The outsider’s perspective
John wasn’t an expert in the subprime market. They were all still highly optimistic. Because John was an outsider, he was able to see an opportunity that the insiders missed.

Usually it pays to have special insight into your market. However, sometimes 136 insiders know too much]. That’s when outsiders find opportunities because they’re looking at things with a fresh set of eyes.

Pay the price
John worked long and late, pouring over data to confirm his suspicions. He had a hunch – but he didn’t just play it. He continued looking at the evidence.

You have to pay the price if you want to make millions … or billions! Learn about the market. Look for inconsistencies. But then you have to … 

John had a bigg idea. It turns out that it was a $3 billion idea! But it’s not the idea that made him the money. He had the courage of his convictions. 130 He took action]!

This is one of the hardest parts of success. You have to put yourself out there. You have to take risk. You’ll never get anywhere until you 144 take a step].  

John placed his bet … and he lost money! His advisors 166 discouraged him from pressing on]. They reminded him that experienced traders were still very enthusiastic about the market. John didn’t listen – he invested more!

You will face obstacles on your path to success, just like John did. If you’re confident in your idea, you have to find a way to push on. It won’t always work out …. but, you never know, you might just make $3 billion!

The rest of the story
At times during this ride, John faced so much stress that he just had to get away from it all. He went on long runs. Find a way to relieve your stress so you can keep going. Get away from it all somehow.

John started his firm with $2 million under management. Now, from his success last year, new money has poured into his firm. He is now managing $28 billion, becoming one of the world’s largest fund firms. Everybody loves a winner!

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Write Right

By Bigg Success Staff

Career Builders


We move rapidly through our day. We shoot off a quick e-mail. txt msg a frend with abrve8d wrds. We may spell check our work, but we probably won’t read it. Do we check the grammar with our software program? Maybe. Proofread it? No way.

Writing is a lost art. Proofreading seems disdained. Great writers know that great writing is a process. They don’t expect a work of art on their first draft.

They write. They proofread. They edit. They repeat.

Finally, they sign off on their great work.

You communicate your message clearly when you write right. You build relationships. You advance your career!  Toward that end, here are five tips to write right!

#1 – Write to your audience.
Your audience loves seeing the word “you.” They feel like you are writing to them. They want you to include them. Give them what they want! Use the “you-view” when you write.

#2 – Keep it simple.
Journalists write to eighth-graders. Does that show you what they think of our mental abilities? They don’t do it because they don’t think we will understand it. They do it to make sure that they don’t make their material overly complicated.

#3 – Don’t be pretentious.
Don’t use too many multi-syllabic words. You won’t impress anyone if they don’t understand you. Speaking of that, get rid of all jargon. It interferes with your message. Use real words.

#4 – Don’t be redundant.
Length doesn’t matter. Resist the urge to “fill.” Make your point. Then quit.

#5 – Use your active voice.
Remember this phrase – actor action. Write your sentences with that phrase in mind. Which one of the following two sentences communicates better?

Michael played his guitar.
The guitar was played by Michael.

Many people write passively – like the second sentence. Yet you get the picture more clearly with the first sentence, don’t you? 

Now you’re ready to proofread. Then edit. Repeat until you’re satisfied! Keep these five tips in mind on your next writing project.

Do you have a writing tip? We would love to hear it! Leave us a comment.

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By Bigg Success Staff

Leading-Edge Application

In our leading-edge applications, we usually tell you about a tool that you can get for free. That’s not the case this week because Amazon’s Kindle has caught our attention.

Kindle is a portable reading device that helps you keep up when you’re on the move. You can easily download blogs, newspapers, magazines, and books through a wireless connection just like your cell phone. No need for WiFi!

Amazon used a special “electronic paper” display so reading on your Kindle is as easy as reading a book! At the size of a paperback book, Kindle is easy to take with you. No need to worry about what books you’ll bring with you on your next vacation – take them all, on your Kindle!

A Kindle can be pricey, but the upside is that you can buy many books from the New York Times best seller list, as well as many other best sellers, for just $9.99!

In all, more than 90,000 books are already available for download. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post can be delivered direct to your Kindle. Here’s another great Kindle feature – you get a sneak peek into a book before deciding if you want it. You can read the entire first chapter as a trial.

Kindle your interest in reading the 21st century way!

*We are an Amazon Affiliate. If you click on the link to the image above and purchase a Kindle, we will get a small portion of the sale.


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