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3 Easy Ways to Fail

parking is at your own riskA lot of people are parked. In most cases, they don’t realize how much risk they are taking by remaining stationary.

Parking for fear

For some, it’s a perpetual state. They don’t move because of fear – fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of what others will say or think, and even fear of success.

They think they can avoid risk by remaining parked. In reality, they are taking the biggest risk of all. It’s sad because they are doomed to the life they now have if they don’t change.

Parking to celebrate

Others are parked because they just hit a BIGG goal. It’s healthy to take a little time to celebrate your successes. However, you’ll never reach BIGG success if you rest on your laurels. John Wooden said it best:

“Remember this your lifetime through;

Tomorrow there will be more to do.

And failure waits for all who stay

With some success made yesterday.

Tomorrow you must try once more,

And even harder than before.”

Parking to look at the map

In some cases, people are parked because they don’t know where to go next. This can lead to failure if you spend too much time off the road.

If you’re not sure how to reach the next level of success, maybe we can help you with the map. Check out our coaching packages.

Parking is at your own risk. Get on the expressway to BIGG success – even if you have to throw it in reverse first.

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Entrepreneurs Must Be Stupid

cautionIn his fantastic book Think Like a Black Belt, Jim Bouchard says: “The absence of fear is stupidity.”

Entrepreneurs must be stupid. They forge ahead boldly while smart people cringe with fear.

Risk? Ha!

Entrepreneurs laugh at it. They love it. No amount of risk will stop them.

That’s the story if you believe popular lore.

Jim says that Black Belts exhibit courage in the face of fear. Entrepreneurs gain courage by minimizing the risk.

They shift it away. They share it with others. They manage it. They act once the risk is brought down to an acceptable level.

It’s calculated fearlessness, not an absence of fear. After all, entrepreneurs aren’t stupid.

Some people would just like to think they are. They’re the people sitting on the sidelines wasting their lives away.

If you’re ready for life on your own terms, maybe we can help minimize the risks. E-mail us at or leave a voice message at 877.988.2444.

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The Fear That Drives Entrepreneurs to Success

fearPeople are driven by two competing
fears – the fear of failure and the fear of not trying. Like the proverbial angel and demon sitting on your shoulder, they both send you different messages.

The angel
The angel tells you to maintain the status quo. Just be satisfied. Life isn’t so bad.

Besides you might fail. People will laugh at you. They will say “I told you so.” says to stay put. You’ll be embarrassed.

So don’t take any risk. Play it safe. Accept mediocrity.

The demon
On your other shoulder, there’s a demon reminding you that you deserve so much more. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You just can’t take it for one more day.

You have to see what you can do. You have to know if you can be a BIGG success. You have to try. You cannot accept not trying anymore.

So go. Do it. What are you waiting for?

The fear that drives entrepreneurs
The general population is driven by the fear of failure. They fantasize about a better life. But this fear keeps them from going any further.

For a small portion of people, the fear of not trying overwhelms the fear of failure. You reach a point where you have to go. You are ready to become an entrepreneur.

The ultimate act of rebellion
Entrepreneurs say enough – enough of not having enough. Responsibility. Fulfillment. Opportunity. Money.

It’s different for different entrepreneurs, but the feeling is the same. It ties your guts in knots because you know you were meant to do something BIGG.
You have to try. You cannot accept anything else.

As it turns out, the angel is a demon and the demon is an angel. The fear of failure prevents you from even getting started on the journey to BIGG success. The fear of not trying propels you to start living life on your own terms now!

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The Worst Addiction for Entrepreneurs

erase-addictionAddiction comes in many forms – drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling to name a few. But they aren’t the worst addiction for entrepreneurs.

Any of these addictions can destroy your life, to be sure. They can be so destructive that other people see it. They see you screwing it all up. They see you throwing your life away.

If you’re lucky – if they love you enough – they step in. “Faithful are the wounds of a friend,” King David said in Proverbs.

The invisible addiction
The worst addiction makes the top of the list because no one sees it. You may have this addiction and not even realize it.

But it’s there – lurking inside your head. If left unchecked, this addiction grows like a cancer inside you and eventually consumes you.

It drives your thoughts. It runs your life. Yet you’re not even aware of it.

You think you’re being prudent. You’re thinking you’re being wise. But you’re addicted. You’re hooked on your past mistakes!

This addiction manifests itself in one of two ways:

You stop taking risks
Anybody who does anything will make mistakes. As an entrepreneur, you do much more than “anything” – you turn nothing into something. You create value in the process, for yourself and others.

You will fail from time to time. When faced with failure, the average person stops trying. They give up. They get hooked on the mistake and it drives their life from that point forward.

They don’t take any risk. They get stuck in mediocrity. They never reach BIGG success.

The cure
So many people think, “I wish I had …” or “I wish I wouldn’t have …” when things don’t turn out as planned. And things never turn out as planned.

Successful entrepreneurs think, “Next time, I will …”

So forget about your mistakes and remember the lesson. Bring your experience into your next decision. You’re stronger and wiser now. You’re better prepared for BIGG success!

You double down
Some people do the opposite. When faced with a loss, they double down.

They desperately try to “get their money back.” They stop investing and start gambling and scrambling. They’re afraid of failing. They worry they’ll be embarrassed. They will do just about anything to try to “rescue” their investment of time and money.

The funny thing is – in some cases, this turns out to be the best response. You’re not a failure until you give up. However, you may be better off focusing your resources on something else.

The cure

Remove the emotion from the situation. Seek help from people who have been there. It’s tough to know whether to push on or move on. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Let logic rule and, one way or another, you’ll reach BIGG success!

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Do Women Fail to Take Advantage of Their Advantages?

woman_silhouetteA friend of ours was going through a career change. We had an interesting conversation with her in the midst of it.

She had applied for a job. She had a connection who knew the CEO at the company, personally and professionally.

Her connection was a former supervisor, who thought highly of her. He had already written her a glowing letter of recommendation. But he said that he was willing to personally call the CEO on her behalf.

 Our friend declined. She said she felt like she would be taking advantage of her relationship with her supervisor. She also said that she wanted to get the job on her own, without playing to her advantages.

We said playing to your advantages helps you get ahead in your career and your life. What good is an advantage if you don’t use it?

This story has a happy ending. She did get the job so maybe she was right. It’s a great example of life on your own terms.

But we think she took a BIGG risk that could have been avoided. What do you think? Is this a male/female thing? Would a man have responded differently to the supervisor? Do women fail to capitalize on their advantages?

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