Success Does NOT Breed Success

golden egg | BIGG SuccessMia Hamm, the amazing soccer player, said, “Success breeds success.”

With all due respect, we disagree.

Success does not breed success.

At least not directly.

And in some cases, success actually breeds failure.

Success breeds success, but only indirectly

Success breeds affirmation. You’re on the right track. You’re doing the right things.

Success breeds confidence. You did well. You’re going to reach BIGG success.

Success breeds enthusiasm. Achieving a goal is fun. It’s easy to get excited about reaching for even bigger goals.

Success breeds energy. You can’t wait to get started on your next goal. You’re all pumped up, ready to go!

Success breeds all of these factors. You bring them all to your next BIGG thing.

How can you help but win? But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way…

Success breeds failure

Sometimes, success leads to failure. This happens indirectly as well.

We’ve seen it happen many times. We help small business owners start a second business.

We share with them the 15 most common mistakes that people make when starting a second business.

Seven of them are related to this attitude of success breeding success. Specifically, they get too confident.

They make poor decisions or execute poorly because of this over-confidence. It leads to failure.

It’s tougher to fail after an initial success than before. Generally, there’s more at risk financially.

And it’s especially difficult emotionally. You start to question whether the first time was just luck.

So success can breed success indirectly. But be on the alert for over-confidence so your success breeds BIGG success!

Thanks so much for checking in with us today. Until next time, we wish you BIGG success!

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Town Outlaws Success

crazytown | BIGG SuccessCrazytown, June 10, 2011. In a special session held last night at City Hall, Crazytown council members outlawed breathing.

The move was a response to a complaint from a Crazytown resident. This resident got a cold after his wife breathed on him.

He contacted his councilperson demanding the city of Crazytown take action. After much heated debate, the Council voted 5 – 4 to make it illegal to breathe.

No residents of Crazytown could be reached today for comment.


Imagine checking the news one day and seeing this story. Far fetched? Of course. But haven’t you ever found yourself trying to understand the logic behind some new law?

BIGG success is life on your own terms. As a citizen, you must zealously guard your right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and other BIGG goal-getters must add political engagement to their to-do list. Make time to share your views with your elected officials.

Otherwise, you may wake up one morning to find out your town outlawed success. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced this firsthand. Not in our town, but from our state.

We’re based in Illinois. Our state just became the fourth state to tax internet sales. It instantly shut down a portion of our business.

For example, we are not affiliates of Amazon any longer. When we discuss books or other products, we will still link you to Amazon for your convenience.

That’s the main reason we did it anyway. The few pennies on the dollar we received were a nice tip.

We understand the arguments on the other side. However, most of the people who voted on the bill don’t understand affiliate sales. We will continue trying to help them grasp the concept.

You must do the same for your business, your career and your life. It’s simply not an option anymore.

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Success Through Collaboration is Short Sighted

cooperation collaboration and coalitions | BIGG SuccessThere are two ways to do almost anything: the hard way and the easy way.

We’re overselling that a little bit – BIGG success does not come easily. However, it can come easier.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. It’s about entrepreneuring your life – taking control to design and build the life of your dreams.

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You may or may not be an entrepreneur in the traditional sense, but you and you alone own your life.

Feeling lonely, overwhelmed and strapped

Entrepreneurs and small business owners know that going it alone is hard.

You may feel overwhelmed at times.

There’s so much to do. And you have to make it all happen. You’re the driver, the only driver.

You may feel strapped on occasion: strapped for time as we just said or strapped for money. Money and time are two of the five elements of BIGG success.

They are your two resources and entrepreneurs know they have to make the most of the resources at their disposal.

So let’s talk about how to do that; let’s chat about an easier path to BIGG success.

Collaborate for success

Collaboration is one of the buzz words in business these days. Everyone is striving to get more done with the same resources (or even fewer). Entrepreneurs have always done it. Now big companies are doing it. Even government, at all levels, is struggling to learn how to do it.

Merriam-Webster’s definition for collaboration is “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.”

Stated simply, it’s working together to achieve a common goal. For example, you may work with someone on a specific project for a specific customer.

Collaborating with someone else brings resources to the table for both you and the party you collaborate with. You can focus on your strengths while they focus on theirs. You can work through a project more quickly and more cost-effectively.

So collaboration has a lot of advantages. But collaboration is often thought of as temporary. Like a project, it has a beginning and an end. Sure, you may collaborate on another project in the future. But it’s sort of an in-and-out kind of thing.

Which is perfect for today’s business environment. You can ramp up organizational capacity by bringing in your collaborators. When the need is no longer there, you each go your own separate ways until another project comes along.

So collaboration is an easier way to reach success. We suggest that you go beyond collaboration for BIGG success.

Coalitions lead to BIGG success

Think coalitions! Merriam-Webster says that a coalition is “the act of coalescing.” So what does it mean to coalesce? We love their definition: “to grow together.”

BIGG success is life on your own terms. While everyone else is looking to collaborate, we suggest you also think about a different term: coalition.

A coalition is a long-term strategic partnership with many participants. It’s collaboration on steroids without a due date.

For example, we talk with a lot of will-be entrepreneurs, small business owners, community banks and Chambers of Commerce every week. If we know what you offer, we may find customers for you.

In essence, we can be part of your sales force. And maybe you can do the same for us.

This is just one small part of a coalition that can be created to grow together. Maybe we can’t help each other but it never hurts to ask. Coalitions lead to BIGG success!

We’re looking to form a coalition. Would you like to join us? Let’s talk about how we might grow together. Send us an e-mail at or leave a voice message at 888.455.2444.

Thanks so much for reading our post today. Until next time, here’s to your BIGG success!

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5 Reasons to Love Your Competition

5 Reasons to Love Your CompetitionYou may think it would be nice to be the only operator in your industry. You may be right. But you may find that there are reasons to love your competition. Here are five:

Competition makes the pie larger

Think about this…if you were the only competitor in your industry, you alone have to educate your customers and promote your industry to the marketplace.

Competitors pile on. They help make ore people aware of the need your product or service fills.

Sure, they may get a piece of the pie, but if the pie becomes much larger, who cares?

Competition keeps you on your toes

With no competition, you get sloppy. Unnecessary costs creep in. Mission creep may result.

Competition keeps you on your toes. You operate more efficiently when you have competition. You’re sharper. You may make just as much money with competition as you could without.

Competition ramps up your creativity

Your competitors aren’t standing still. You’ll be much more likely to keep pushing forward with competition than you would without it.

Competitors force you to keep thinking creatively. You must come up with new ideas. You must find new and better ways to serve customers. You must innovate.

Competition may motivate you

Most humans perform better when facing a deadline. Similarly, most humans are more productive when competition is present.

You pick up the pace. You work harder and longer and smarter. You’re more motivated than you would be if you didn’t have any competitors.

Competition may make you more money

Collaboration is the real opportunity today for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You may be able to work with your competitors to save money. You may be able to combine forces to reduce certain costs. You may be able to open new markets together that you couldn’t on your own.

You may actually make more money by working with your competition. The love of money may be the root of all evil. Finding reasons to love your competition just makes good business sense today.

What do you love about your competition?

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The Way You Wear Your Brand


Connie Burke from GMC hands over the keys to a new Terrain to Mark Horvath

We recently attended SOBCon 2011 – a conference for people with businesses like ours. The organizers, Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker, are two of the most amazing people you could ever hope to meet.

They manage to put together an exceptional experience every year. There’s the term…


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Many small business owners forget they’re in the business of delivering experiences. You don’t sell products or services; you sell experiences. You deliver those experiences through your products and services.

An unforgettable experience
We experienced something at SOBCon this year that we didn’t think we would ever experience first-hand. Before we get into that, a little history:

Last year, we met Mark Horvath from It was one of the non-profits we all put our heads together to try to help.

Mark was just trying to get traction. He’s doing great work and, like a lot of entrepreneurs, he often doesn’t get much recognition.

It was great to see Mark back at the conference this year. But that was just the beginning…

GMC was one of the sponsors of the conference. They gave a Terrain to Mark and his organization!

It was a very Oprah moment.
We never thought we would see something like that in person.
It was incredible.
Mark was speechless.
We all were!

So we’d like to thank Liz and Terry as well as the great people from GMC – Connie Burke and Hugh Milne – for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But experiences aren’t enough
SOBCon is THE conference for open hearts and brilliant minds (and yet they still let us in the room!). The experience Terry and Liz delivered was true to the way they wear their brand.

How do you wear your brand?


George KruegerIf you’re a long time reader of this blog, you know that I am a BIGG fan of the Rat Pack. So we couldn’t resist twisting Frank Sinatra’s song “The Way You Wear Your Hat” for this post.


Mary-Lynn FosterIt seems only fitting: Terry often sings to get things started. And of course, there’s the now annual karaoke outing.


In case you’re not familiar with the song, it’s a love song. More specifically, it’s a lost love song. The point is that you can take everything away except for the memories.

It’s also true for your business. We’ve talked about creating experiences before. But here’s something that we hadn’t thought about until this event:

Experiences can be forgotten.
Experiences are ubiquitous.
Positive memories are precious.

You have to do something BIGG now and then to create happy, lasting memories for your customers, your employees and all the people your business serves. It’s the key to BIGG success!

What are you doing to create happy, lasting memories in your organization?

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