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The Source of Two Great Business Ideas

Where 2 BIGG business ideas came from | BIGG SuccessWhere do great ideas come from? The answer may surprise you.

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Hunting for a BIGG idea

When George De Meshdrahl returned home from a two-week hunting trip, he noticed a cocklebur attached to his dog. An engineer by trade, he was curious about why this object could attach itself so easily.

So he examined it under a microscope and discovered tiny hooks which would catch anything with a loop like clothing and fur. He replicated nature to create the product we know as Velcro.

A BIGG idea at play

Ruth Handler’s daughter was playing with her friends. Ruth noticed that they liked playing with adult dolls more than baby dolls.

Ruth realized the adult dolls let the girls play out what their lives might be like in the future. So she created a 3D model to make the doll as lifelike as possible.

Ruth’s daughter, Barbara, loved the doll which Ruth named after her. Over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold since.

What can we learn from these two BIGG innovators?

3 tips for finding your BIGG idea

  • Be curious

    As a kid, you were curious about everything. As adults, we tend to squelch our curiosity.

    Redevelop your sense of wonder. Ask and ask. Why? Why?

  • Keep your eyes wide open

BIGG ideas don’t come stamped with “Hey, look at me” on them.

They are subtle. They lurk behind everyday events. So act like a great detective and fully observe the scene around you.

  • Don’t shut down

    Like a lot of BIGG ideas, neither Velcro nor Barbie were discovered at work.

    Your greatest inspiration will likely come during downtime. So be alert for possible opportunities ALL the time.

Let work and play walk hand-in-hand for your BIGG success!

How did you discover your BIGG idea?

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The Only Way to Unite Us and Solve All the Problems of the World

entrepreurs-solving-problems-for-BIGG-SuccessWe face some huge problems in the world. Some of them are of our own making. Some are persistent issues that we haven’t yet conquered.

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The problems we face aren’t unprecedented. Our ancestors have taken on problems of similar scope. But we still shouldn’t underestimate the size of our current challenges.

As we look forward to the election here in the United States, we see only one solution to all of these problems. It can be described in one term.

That term doesn’t start with a D. Nor does it start with a R. The one word solution starts with an E:

Entrepreneurs are the key to solving the problems of the world.

We need entrepreneurs like never before:

We need entrepreneurs in the traditional sense of the word.

Entrepreneurs are the economic engine of any economy.

We see people living in poverty. More and more people are giving up. They have stopped looking for work.

The number of people in the labor market in the United States has hit a 30-year low. We’ve witnessed all-time highs in the number of people receiving government assistance, even affecting the most educated.

More and more good people are settling for a life of dependency.

Entrepreneurship is the answer. Yet startups are at
record lows.

And we are feeling the pain: two-thirds of all net new jobs
re created by small businesses. Most of those come from firms less than five years old.

And research shows that entrepreneurship begets entrepreneurs:

“…by far the most significant cause of entrepreneurial opportunities is prior entrepreneurial activity.”

Entrepreneurship creates opportunity for an expanding circle of people.

Yes, we need a growing, thriving entrepreneurial economy. We need to create an environment that nurtures it all over the world.

We need to unleash its power. It’s the prosperity solution. The only alternative is austerity.

So entrepreneurship is the single solution with the power to unite us.

We need more entrepreneurs now – to solve problems for customers, buy from suppliers, create jobs for the unemployed and underemployed, increase the tax base and build wealth for themselves and their investors.

These entrepreneurs will then fuel more entrepreneurship and wealth will continue to expand as one entrepreneurial firm spins off from another.

That’s an important note: The pie doesn’t get smaller for anyone. The pie doesn’t stay the same. The pie gets bigger.

But here’s another important note: Wealth is only created by entrepreneurs when they solve a problem or create an opportunity for their customers. Entrepreneurship makes people better off on all sides of the relationship!

We need more for-profit entrepreneurs AND non-profit entrepreneurs.

We need more entrepreneurial politicians.

Are you tired of the same old rhetoric election season after election season? We need politicians with fresh ideas, new alternatives and a BIGG vision.

We need entrepreneurial politicians who argue their own merits rather than just bashing their competition. Isn’t that one of first rules of sales?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see political contests conducted at a level of maturity at least equal to an election for Student Council President?

We need entrepreneurial politicians who under-promise and over-deliver – people who don’t make a promise in the first place if they don’t think they can make it so.

We need politicians who understand the order of value, as entrepreneurs do. First, you create value for others which then creates value for yourself.

Job security for a politician should come from serving constituents, not him- or herself. We know this goes against a politician’s nature, but it is the entrepreneur’s nature.

And what better way to serve your constituents than to create an environment for more entrepreneurship?

We need more entrepreneurial citizens.

The internet is connecting us like never before. It is flattening organizations and decentralizing operations.

As the pace of our lives increases, command-and-control is dying.

So why should we expect it to work with government?

As citizens, we need to understand that the major problems we face will only be solved through grassroots initiatives. We can’t just vote and be done. We must vote. But that’s not enough.

So the bottom line is: We need YOU!

We need you to participate. But more importantly, we need you to lead.

We need you to live up to your full potential. We need you to help others be a BIGG success. And in so doing, you too will reach BIGG success!

Do you think entrepreneurs are the key?

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Another Surprising Obstacle to Getting Rich in Your Own Small Business

Don't think about getting rich to be a BIGG SuccessLast time on The BIGG Success Show, we talked about a surprising obstacle to getting rich in your own small business.

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What’s the obstacle? Money. Ironic, isn’t it?

But it brings up an essential quality of entrepreneurs – you create value for others first to create value for yourself.

Help others and money follows. So you need to be unselfish to be an entrepreneur.

But we also said that this time we’d talk about the importance of being selfish. Because…

When money doesn’t follow

Another surprising obstacle to getting rich in your own small business is placing your interests below the interests of others.

Note the fine distinction we’re making – you have to create value for others to create value for yourself. In other words, solve a problem for someone else.

But that’s not good enough. It’s only the starting point.

Money won’t follow if you never think about it.

So let’s say you know how to solve a problem for someone. Now you have to make sure you can deliver the solution profitably. Otherwise, you won’t create value for yourself.

Because if you can’t, you’ll fail at best. Did you catch that?

Failing is the best option under these circumstances.

If you fail, you can move on to something else. Even worse than failure is feeling trapped in a business that will never amount to much.

You will never get the rewards you deserve for your investment of time, money, sweat and tears. You will never reach your full potential. You will never fulfill your purpose.

Profit is not a four-letter word

Martyrs don’t make good entrepreneurs.
You have to find win-win.

You need to have an equal consideration of interests – yours and your customers. (Along with all the other stakeholders in your business for that matter!)

So you need a product or service that helps customers gain or relieves their pain. But you must be able to provide it at a price that allows you to turn a profit.

Because profit is not a four-letter word! It’s essential.

Value is one of the core terms of entrepreneurship. But the circle of value is incomplete until value is created for you too.

Successful entrepreneurs know that you need to hold these two seemingly opposing ideas in your mind until you find the point of convergence. You have to create as much value as you can for others while simultaneously creating as much value as you can for yourself. It leads to BIGG success!

Do you tend to give too much?

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The Surprising Obstacle to Getting Rich in Your Own Small Business

Don't think about getting rich to be a BIGG SuccessWhat is the main reason many people fail at their own small business before they even get started? The answer may surprise you.

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We hear a recurring tune as we talk with many starry-eyed wanna-be entrepreneurs. It forms a chorus.

“I’m going to get rich!”

They’re enthusiastic. They’re excited. They’re full of ideas. The world is their oyster.

They’ve run the numbers. They are going to take over a market. They’re going to rule the world. Remember, they think…

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4 Factors for Successfully Starting Up a Small Business

will you swim in an ocean or pond for BIGG Success“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
~ Author unknown

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This quote is often attributed to the man whose name is synonymous with genius – Albert Einstein.

But our research couldn’t uncover a credible source that gave him credit. However, we did learn about a fish that climbs!

BIGG success is life on your own terms. One of the terms of BIGG success is alignment.

You’ll want to align four factors to successfully start up a small business.


We hear a lot of talk these days about passion. Find your passion. Do what you love. Love what you do.

Passion is wonderful. But it isn’t enough. All the passion in the world won’t make you a BIGG success.

Sure, it helps. But passion isn’t enough.


In the nature versus nurture debate, we lean mostly toward nurture. However, you should recognize that you probably have certain natural gifts.

You have two choices: (1) You can discover and develop these innate abilities or (2) you can start from scratch.

As you might guess, you will be more likely to be a BIGG success if you work on your natural talents.

But talent alone won’t get you genius status.


You have to find the best environment to showcase your talents. In business, this means you need to find a market.

Even artists and musicians can’t afford to ignore the market. But the internet has made it possible to be a star within a genre (or niche as we say in the business world).

Oceans are for the large guys. However, you may want to swim in a river that flows into an ocean.

You can make a lot of money supplying the large fish in the ocean. Just be sure you don’t get swallowed up!

A better strategy may be to find a pond where you can be one of the biggest fish. Look for a problem which you can solve better than any other fish.

When your passions and talents align with a place, you’re a long way toward being a BIGG success. But you’re not quite there yet.


Timing is everything. You’ve probably heard that statement too many times to remember.

We disagree. Timing is only part of the equation. But it is an important component.

If you get to the right place too early, you will have to invest more money to educate your prospective customers. If you’re late, your competitors will have already staked out the best treasures.

If that’s the case, you may have to be a fish that climbs a tree. It’s the only way to get to another pond.

No one may have done it before. Some people may think you’re stupid. But that’s often the case.

Once you prove yourself right by building a successful small business, those same people will call you a genius. And that’s BIGG success!

Have you ever had to find another pond?

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