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Stay Confident When Your Confidence is Shaken

image of a confident woman

We share 4 ways to stay confident in 4 situations that you will likely face, that can shake your confidence. Click the player to listen the The BIGG Success Show podcast episode #1054. Here’s a summary of the discussion…

Entrepreneurs, and those who have the entrepreneurial spirit in their career, need confidence. Without it, you won’t be able to step outside of your comfort zone, seek new opportunities, and grow to your full potential.

What is confidence? We like the definition from Financial Coach, Debbie Sasson.

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Are You a Survivor?

By Bigg Success Staff

Test Yourself


Our lives present a lot of stressful situations. Research shows that how we perceive the stress and respond to it are more important than the amount of stress we face.

How well do you handle tough times? Now you can find out!

The good people at Psychology Today have a great test to check on your coping skills
It should take you about 10 minutes to answer the 64 questions.

After you finish the test, you’ll be given a summary of your responses. You’ll also have the option of purchasing a full report.

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