7 Things You Must Learn In College That College Won’t Teach You

Some things are teachable; others have to be learned. Today, we’ll discuss things you have to learn on your own. Hopefully, you’ll do it while you’re still in college! If you’re already out, check this list to see how you’re doing!

#1 – Learn how YOU learn.
Do you learn best by reading? Listening? Watching? Or some combination? You’ll save a lot of time, money, and frustration later if you learn this now.

#2 – Learn HOW to think.
Most students focus on WHAT to think. Get a well-rounded education so you can cut to the essence of any issue. You fully understand a topic when you can debate both sides of an argument equally well.

#3 – Learn self-discipline.
Know how to set goals and schedule yourself to achieve them. Stick to the schedule you’ve set so you can focus on your priorities and balance work with fun.

#4 – Learn how to build YOUR brand.
You are the CEO of most important organization – YOU, Inc. For what will you be famous? What makes you unique? How will you let the world know?

The choices you make are critical. It’s good to be a member of an organization; it’s better to be a leader in it. Choose internships and summer jobs wisely because they reflect on your brand, too.

#5 – Learn how to communicate effectively.

It’s true – you learn a LITTLE bit about this in college. But how you communicate reflects on your brand. For example, if your written work is full of typographical errors and grammatical mistakes, the reader may assume that you’re sloppy or apathetic. Also understand that HOW you say something is just as important as WHAT you say.

#6 – Learn how to build your network.
Take every opportunity to reach out to people with common interests. It’s amazing how few students get to know their professors. They are great mentors even after you’re done with college!

It’s important to 61 cultivate relationships]. Take an interest in them. For your network to work when you desperately need it, you’ll need 303 established relationships].

There are no six steps to Kevin Bacon when it comes to networking. You need to get one step removed from the person you need to contact. If you know me, and I know somebody, you have a good chance with that somebody.

#7 – Learn how to find your initial vision.
Your vision consists of your passion, your values, your competencies, and the environment you face. Here are some great resources to help you:

Your vision will probably change over time. However, developing the skills to discover it and work toward it are essential to your BIGG success.

Our BIGG quote today comes from the great Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said,

“The things taught in schools and colleges are
not an education, but the means to an education.”

Education is a life-long adventure to discover yourself and uncover your full potential.

As he moves on from the game he loves, superstar quarterback Brett Favre taught us a lesson on peak performance. We’ll discuss it in our next blog.

Brett’s moving on to the perfect job. One with two vacations a year … six months each!

Until next time, here’s to your BIGG success!

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3 Tips To Thrive In Your Career

By Bigg Success

Personal Branding

What does your brand stand for? We’re talking about YOUR brand – YOU, Inc.

What does it mean to the world?

Your brand is a promise. It’s a promise of the value that you say you can deliver. It’s a promise to yourself of what you will be.

Brands grow when they deliver the promised value. That’s how they build trust. That’s why their customers come back time and time again.

Here are three personal branding tips that will help you thrive in your career:

Be consistent

Good brands deliver consistently. Here’s an interesting tidbit – you’re better off being consistently average (read that as mediocre) than having occasional spurts of greatness followed by spells of disappointing performance.

People base their decisions on expectations. If they don’t know what to expect, they won’t buy what you offer.

This also goes for personality. It’s hard to work with moody people. It’s okay to be moody, just don’t share it with the world! Learn to control your emotions so you present a consistent temperament.

Of course, you don’t want to be average. You want to be exceptional. That’s where the next two points come into play.

Good brands live up to their promises. If you tell someone you’re going to do something, do it!

This statement probably won’t surprise you – a LOT of people don’t follow-through on what they say.

Use that to your advantage. When people know they can depend on you, they’ll happily give you more and more opportunities. Everybody wants a go-to guy or gal.

Improve continually
You can only exceed someone’s expectations once. Do you believe that?

You shouldn’t.

But it’s true if you don’t continually improve yourself. When you exceed someone’s expectations today, they’ll expect that same level of performance tomorrow. So you can only MEET their expectations the second time.

Is that a blessing or a curse?

Bigg goal-getters think it’s a blessing. Because it challenges you to constantly improve yourself so you can exceed their expectations every time. It turns this thing we call work into a game. And isn’t it fun to play games?

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The Greatest Miracle In The World

Today’s blog is inspired by one of our favorite authors, Og Mandino. He was an amazing storyteller. We reviewed his book, 80 The Greatest Miracle In The World],  in our last newsletter.

So what is the greatest miracle in the world? You might be surprised to hear this …

It’s YOU!

Yes, you are the greatest miracle in the world! Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a miracle. Maybe you take yourself for granted.

So let’s look at the evidence. Here’s why you are the greatest miracle in the world:

You have a distinctive genetic code. Your physical make-up is unique to you. Look at your DNA. We learn from crime investigations that it’s uniquely yours. The odds are overwhelmingly against any other human sharing the same DNA.

Your experiences are entirely your own. From your childhood up to the present time, no one else has the exact same set of experiences that you have. Others may have similar experiences, but no one has experienced them in the same way that you have.

Your perceptions are unlike anyone else’s. Based partly on your genetic make-up and on your own experiences, you have a unique perspective on the world. You have a distinct point-of-view. You see things in a slightly different way than anyone else because of how you got to where you are.

Your genes, your experiences, your perceptions. All these ingredients combine to form the single rarest thing on the face of the earth – YOU! In the history of the world, there has never been anyone who is just like you. From now until the end of time, there will never be a single person just like you.

Do you see yourself as the miracle that you are? Let’s see …

Do you value yourself in pennies?
Don’t you know that all of the riches in the world don’t come close to your value?

Do you believe others when they put you down?
Don’t you know that their comments are a reflection of themselves and not you?

Do you tell yourself that you’re not smart enough?
Don’t you know that you have your own unique blend of intelligence?

Do you diminish your talents?
Don’t you realize that you’ve been given unique gifts to share with the world?

Do you think you’re not good enough?
Don’t you know that you’re exactly what the world needs?

Don’t you know that’s why you’re here now? The odds were against, even before you were conceived. But you endured. Because there was a reason … a purpose … a gift only you could give the world.

You are capable of great accomplishments. You have unlimited potential. Only you can do what you’re here to do because you are the greatest miracle in the world.

You need to see yourself for who you are. You need to change how you think about yourself. If you do, you’ll change your world. Then, and only then, can you do what you’re here to do. To change the whole world. For all of us. We’re counting on you!

When you need a reminder of just how special you are, come back to this page. Don’t ever put yourself down again. Don’t ever see yourself as anything less than the miracle that you are.

Who are the greatest miracles in your life? Pass this on to them. And make their day – tell them how special they are to you.

Our quote today is by an unknown author.

“Instead of thinking about what you’re missing,
try thinking about what you have that everyone else is missing.”

You are the greatest miracle in the world! Change the world by showing your unique self.

Next time, we’ll talk about when to say, “No, thanks … return to sender!”

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!