The BIGG Success Show starring the Professor and Mary-Lynn

The BIGG Success Show is about helping good people have more money to do more good.

We help remove the fog, so you can clearly see the best path for personal, professional, and financial success – while changing your world for good.

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The BIGG Success Show podcast has over 1,000,000 downloads!

Your hosts are George Krueger, an experienced business owner who also teaches Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Illinois; and Mary-Lynn Foster, who brings her perspective as a first-time entrepreneur after years in the corporate world as an award-winning radio personality and audio producer. And to top it all off, they’re married!

We believe that entrepreneurship isn’t just an occupation; it’s also a way of thinking which helps you take control, make better decisions, and reach your goals faster, whether or not you own a business.

Join The Professor and Mary-Lynn for proven, practical, pointed tips to make more money, save more, and do more good.

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