The BIGG Success Show Starring The Professor and Mary-Lynn

Entrepreneurship isn’t just an occupation; it’s also a way of thinking which helps you take control, make better decisions, and reach your goals faster, whether or not you own a business. Your co-hosts are George Krueger (aka The Professor) and Mary-Lynn Foster. George is an experienced business owner who also teaches Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Illinois. Mary-Lynn brings her perspective as a first-time entrepreneur after years in the corporate world as an award-winning radio personality and audio producer. Join The Professor & Mary-Lynn for entreprenurturing™ in each episode of The BIGG Success Show. Subscribe today!

The BIGG Success Show has become one of the most popular business career podcasts on iTunes. Now a one-minute version of this podcast is being syndicated to radio stations across the United States, through Envision Networks.

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