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  • feel confident in your financial decisions
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Retail Price: $99.00

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What you get:

download iconThe Financial Freedom Tool software

You get the same advanced tools financial professionals use, but designed so even people who think money is a mystery can use them. You will come away with a deeper understanding of your financials than you have ever had before. The Tool will guide you to be smarter with your money, day in and day out.

play icon10 Tutorials

It’s like pulling up a chair in The Professor’s classroom. You’ll learn how to use the Financial Freedom Tool. You’ll also walk away with money lessons you can use for life. And at just over 8 minutes in length on average, the tutorials are a springboard from “showing” to “doing”.

book icon2 Guidebooks

These serve as a quick reference tool as you enter your data into the Financial Freedom Tool and as you look at the reports. They help you categorize your expenses and brainstorm for ideas to save and make more money.

document iconCheat Sheets

For the more complex subjects, you get Cheat Sheets to aid your understanding and retention. They also serve as a ready reference anytime you need to recall the subject matter. Even though we’re dealing with numbers, these are specifically designed with non-number lovers in mind.

folder iconCase Study

In the tutorials, we discuss a Case Study so you can see and learn from a real life example of our Financial Freedom Tool at work. It’s “show” and “go” – we show you how to do it with the Case Study and then you go do it with your data. You’ll see every step of the way, from data entry and analyzing the reports to stress testing your finances and creating an Action Plan to take your finances to the next level.

calendar icon90 Days to Financial Freedom emails

Every week, for 13 weeks, you’ll get an email from us. Each email discusses a step in our system. The messages are meaty, but can be read in a minute-and-a-half on average. We show you and you go do it! That’s how you get ahead. In addition, you can repeat the 13 steps every 90 days, so you continually spiral upward to BIGG success.

Retail Price: $99.00

For a limited time: $79.00