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Social Media Solution
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E-Z Social Media by BIGG Success
E-Z Social Media for Banks Free Trial


Leverage your employees’ personal brands to
cost-effectively attract more customers to your bank


  • Your people are busy
  • They don’t know how to share strategically
  • They don’t know where to find the resources
  • They are experts in their field but not in content marketing
  • They don’t know how to spark interest and engagement

It creates angst. So they don’t post at all.

Opportunity lost.


The Solution?

E-Z Social by BIGG Success

One-click content marketing for
your bank’s customer-facing employees

Every business day, your designated employees receive an assortment of hand-selected content designed to appeal to your current and future customers and formatted for the top social sites.

It’s so easy to share. Once they pick a post, their social accounts are just a mouse click away. Presto! They’ve shared valuable information with their social media followers in just seconds a day.

Easy to learn. Easy to use. Easy brand awareness.

That’s E-Z Social.

E-Z Social Media for Banks Free Trial

Reach customers money can’t buy

How valuable is your customer list? It’s a prized asset, right?

Now consider this: If you aggregated your employees’ social connections, their combined list is likely to be larger than your list – perhaps significantly so.

In addition, the social web is powered by connections between individuals. More people are more likely to respond to content shared by your employees than content shared by your bank.

In other words, your employees together have a megaphone to get the attention of more people. With E-Z Social media for banks, you reach people which money can’t buy – your employees’ online connections.


3 Choices for Leveraging Your Employees’ Social Megaphone

1. Turn them loose

Let them figure it out on their own. Hope for the best. Unfortunately, they may post the wrong things, post irregularly or not post at all.



2. Train them

Help them figure it out. Unfortunately, it takes time and money to train them. Plus your best people have less time for their highest-value activities.


Complex & Costly

3. E-Z Social

Provide them with this one-of-a-kind resource. In seconds a day, they post content which attracts customers without running afoul of regulations. Then they get on to their most valuable activities.


Safe, Simple & Affordable

E-Z Social Media for Banks Free Trial

Why E-Z Social?

We make social sharing easy by doing the heavy-lifting. A real live person reviews each and every article and source. It passes through our proprietary screening process before it gets posted on E-Z Social.

Each day, we filter through thousands of articles, videos, infographics, slide shows and more through our proprietary algorithms. Then we hand-select the few pieces of content which get shared that day. So your people can make quick decisions about what to post. It only takes seconds a day to reach their network with one or more high-quality posts. Then they can get on to what

Bottom line: With E-Z Social media for banks, you’ll get more engagement with your team’s networks – more likes, more comments, more shares. You leverage your people’s social media spaces to make them stand out and attract more customers to your bank. There’s no easier, more cost-effective way to showcase your people’s expertise and create awareness for your bank.


We do all the heavy lifting, culminating in a daily digest emailed to your designated employees. They simply open their inbox, pick a post to share, and post it. Repeat to share more.

We designed this if you can copy-and-paste and click on a link, you can do it. We’ve designed this service so it only takes minutes for your people to intuitively learn how to use it.

We use proprietary algorithms to sift through thousands of articles, videos, infographics, slide shows, and more every day. Then we screen articles even further with our exclusive screening processes. If it passes all the tests, it’s eligible for E-Z Social.

Our content strategy is proprietary but we can tell you this: All posts produce a “Yes” answer to this question: What do our bank clients’ customers want and need to know?

Absolutely. It’s as easy as updating your status on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Then don’t post it! That’s why we provide you an assortment every day…so you can choose.

We are aware of regulations governing your industry. Our posts are educational in nature. They are not product specific. However, if you’re not comfortable with a specific post, don’t share it. Choose another one.

It should actually allow them to spend less time online while being more productive. E-Z Social literally only takes seconds a day.

Just the opposite. E-Z Social helps your employees stand out as experts in their field. You are helping them build their personal brands while they build your bank’s brand. It’s win-win!

Absolutely. E-Z Social is fully mobile-ready so you can post anytime and anywhere you can connect to the internet.

It depends on the number of licenses you want. Each designated employee equals one licensee. Contact us at for a custom quote.

Yes. It’s the only way we can make sure we have the people needed to maintain the high quality standards we insist on. Contact us at for details about content duration.

BIGG Success is a digital media company with arms in publishing and production, training, and coaching. E-Z Social falls in our publishing wing. We help businesses and professionals make more money, more dependably. We do this by helping you use social tools to build relationships, create loyalty, and grow profitably.

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E-Z Social Media for Banks Free Trial

George and Mary-Lynn helped us get our social media marketing efforts get off the ground. They provided us with a solid strategy for community outreach while abiding by our industry regulations. We got great results, with personable, creative service.