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4 Things-to-Do Before Listing Your House for Sale

By Bigg Success Staff

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You want to sell your house. As we’ve said before, we highly recommend that you 290 hire a good realtor] to help you through the process. Among other things, they are a great resource for 313 determining your asking price].

No house is perfect. A reasonable buyer won’t expect yours to be. However, with the counsel of your realtor, there are things you can do to increase the likelihood that your house sells sooner rather than later for more rather than less.

Here are four things you should do before listing your house for sale.

#1 – Get a professional inspection
Chances are high that your buyer will want an inspection. So be proactive and get one before you take your house to market. Talk to your realtor to see which, if any, repairs you should do before you list it.

Your buyer will take comfort in knowing that an inspection has already been done. You’ll have receipts for work that you’ve already completed. Then your inspection report can be a marketing tool.

#2 – Make cosmetic improvements

Talk with your realtor about the aesthetic changes you should make. Minor things – like a fresh coat of paint, fashionable window treatments, refaced cabinets, or refinished bathtubs – often make a huge difference.

If you can’t do the work yourself and don’t know someone, ask your realtor for a referral. They’ll almost certainly have a stable of people with whom they regularly work.

#3 – Clean it
When you bring it to market, your house should be cleaner than it ever has before. Remember cleaning your apartment to get your security deposit back? That’s not good enough!

Simply stated, the cleaner your house, the better it will show. If you don’t want to do it yourself, pay someone to do it. Your realtor can help you find a good cleaning company, if you don’t know one. 

#4 – Stage it
Discuss staging with your realtor. If you’ll be moving out of the house before putting it on the market, you may want to work with a professional staging firm. If you’ll continue to live in the home while it’s on the market, you may do some minor redecoration. For example, you may want to remove photos of your family so potential buyers can picture their family in the house

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