Why It Pays to be Late for Work

A friend of ours said that he can he can usually control when he gets to work, but he can’t always control when he leaves. So that got us thinking …

It pays to be late for work!

Now obviously, some people don’t have the flexibility to get in later. But a lot of us do! And sometimes the best way to balance your life is to live your life before you go to work!

5 examples
#1 – Meditation
On the show, George said that, as a boy, his mom and dad started every day with family devotions. They felt like this was the best way to start the day, and it meant the family would be together at least that one time.

#2 – Exercise
Mary-Lynn has a friend who loves yoga. She started a new job, which often required her to work late. So she didn’t have time for yoga. She talked to her boss, who fully understood. Now she exercises before work and is much more productive and sane at work!

#3 – Hobby
George has a friend whose hobby is woodworking. He starts every morning at his workbench. He says it’s good medicine for him.

#4 – Course

Mary-Lynn has a friend who wants to start her own business, so she’s taking an online accounting course. It’s the first thing she works on after she gets her kids off to school.

#5 – Family breakfast

We have some friends who wanted the whole family together at dinner. However, with their two teenagers, it never seemed to work for all of them. So now, they eat breakfast together. It doesn’t fit all of their schedules every day, but they eat together much more often than they would if they were still trying to do it at dinner.

How to find the time

These little stories are great, but how do you get the flexibility to start your work day later? Let’s look at two scenarios:

Scenario 1: You have complete control of your schedule.
You may occasionally need to be to work early, but for the most part, you set the time you arrive each day.

You don’t necessarily have to jump in with both feet – start off with a day or two. Pick a day of the week and get to work late. See how it works for you. Are you happier? You very well may find that getting to work later helps you get more done while you’re there.

If it works for you, you can always add days.

Scenario 2: You need to negotiate to come in later.
Use any leverage you may have, like Mary-Lynn’s friend who wanted to exercise in the morning. If you’re a valued employee, there’s a good chance your boss will readily accept you coming in later. And again, it doesn’t have to be five days a week – maybe just a day or two to start.

If need be, use it as a bargaining tool. Would it be worth a little less money to get more flexibility with your time?

Our bigg quote today is by Robert Orben:

“Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator.”

So put the brakes on your morning rush to give yourself some extra drive.

Next time, with tax season coming to its end here in the United States, we’ll discuss how to go from refund to riches. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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4 replies
  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the option to be in late for work, and I am always working late as well. My boss would laugh at me if I asked for flexibility. I love yoga, and just get up very early every morning and go before work to fit it into my schedule.

  2. Jane
    Jane says:

    Ok…this is amazing. This morning as the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. my fabulous husband said Janie shut that thing off and go in late today. So I did, not much but the extra half hour allowed me to sing to my son, check my home office email and pet Honey. What an awesome BIGG Success blog today. Thank you I’m really enjoying reading these each day and today’s was especially appropriate to how I was feeling.

  3. George Krueger & Mary-Lynn Foster
    George Krueger & Mary-Lynn Foster says:

    Karen, it’s a shame that you have to sacrifice sleep, but good for you! You make time for something that is important to YOU, and you have the discipline to make it happen. Now that’s bigg!

    Jane, we love your husband’s attitude! Thanks so much for reading our blog everyday and for taking the time to share your story with us today. You put a bigg smile on our faces!!


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