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A Mother’s Day Letter: What I Wish I Could Say to Mom Today

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Changes


Dear Mom,

It’s another Mother’s Day so I wanted to write you this letter. I wanted you to know that, if you were still here, I would spend the entire day with you. I can’t imagine anything else that could be more important today. We’d talk and laugh and just bask in the joy of being together.

I would tell you …

… how special you always made me feel.

… how much I love to see you smile.

… how you helped me become who I am.

… how much I enjoy talking with you.

… how happy it makes me when I think of our times together.

… that you are the best mom anyone could ever have.

… how lucky I feel to be your child.

… that I love you.

I would thank you …

… for teaching me right from wrong.

… for being so patient when I was so impatient.

… for standing up to me when you thought I was making a mistake.

… for being a role model to me.

… for being so giving, not just to me but to everyone you cared about.

… for showing me what it means to be a good person.

… for preparing me for life.

… for loving me no matter what.

I would ask you …

… how you could be so tough and yet so loving at the same time.

… if there is anything you need, because I know you won’t tell me otherwise.

… to tell me stories of your life, even ones I’ve heard before so I never forget them.

… to tell me more about our family, so I always remember my heritage.

… for advice on anything and everything, but especially for raising your grandchildren.

I would take you …

… to your favorite place so we could just hang out.

… for a drive just so we could spend time together.

… to the park so we could enjoy the beauty of nature.

… for a walk so we could talk alone.

… in my arms and give you a big hug and a kiss.

Mom, if you were still here, I would linger with you … wishing that I never had to leave. I miss you, but I want you to know that your memory will always be with me, and …

… most of all, I’ll always wish we had just one more moment to spend together.

With much love,

Your “Kid”

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