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4 Key Pillars of Life

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


Four good tires are important to any driver. However, they’re even more important for Indy car drivers. One bad tire can cost them the race.

So it is with us in life. We need to keep all four sides of our life in good shape to stay in the race for bigg success. It means finding quality time for the four key pillars of our lives.


You need to time for you – time to refresh and reinvigorate yourself. Part of this is keeping your body ready for the race through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest. Another part is expanding your mind and lifting your spirit. You may get this in a number of ways – hobbies, art, music, literature, or religion.

You need time for the ones you love – family and friends. They give you support when you need it. They also give you a break from the pressure of the rest of your life. They are a safe harbor for any storm. Other things are important, but people’s biggest regrets often revolve around not spending enough time with family and friends.


Like most of us, you probably spend most of your time awake at work in your profession. There’s the work itself. But you also have to invest time to expand your capabilities. This will make your work more interesting, but more importantly, it will open up additional opportunities for you in the future. Failure to make this investment has left many people feeling unfulfilled in their careers.

You also should give back to your community. Your community can include a number of things – your profession, your school, your city or town, and more. If you only take, you’ll miss out on the joys of giving. You’ll also jeopardize the very places that you’ve counted on to improve your life.

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