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Success is Teamwork!

By Bigg Success Staff

Life skills

Two donkeys so the story goes,
Were tethered each to each,
When lo, they neared two shocks of hay,
That seemed within their reach.

Each sought his own: the rope grew taut,
As though each would apply
His utmost strength to take his share
Or know the reason why.

They pulled and scraped and pawed and kicked,
As though indeed insane –
But not by foolish stunts could they
One single bite obtain.

Till, wearied, turning face to face,
They talked the matter o’er
And mutually agreed that they
Would thus behave no more.

At peace, they soon one shock devoured,
And ate the other, too.
How good their joint refreshment seemed,
None but those donkeys knew!

Ye humans, crude and stubborn willed,
Respect the common tether;
Be wise, confer, agree, co-work,
And “eat your hay” together!

 – Author unknown

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