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Stay Alert with Alerts

By Bigg Success Staff

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The internet makes it so easy to keep the information you want flowing your way. For example, you may use Google Alerts to notify you when a reference is made to you, your company, a trend you’re tracking, news items, and more.

With, you can customize your alerts or choose one of their “off-the-shelf” alerts. One particularly popular choice is their gas price alert, which notifies you of the lowest priced fuel in your neighborhood.

You can use Yahoo Alerts to get alerted to breaking news, low air fares, stock prices and more.

With BBC’s Desktop Alerts, you can feel like you’re the reporter with the latest news and sports headlines popping up right on your desktop.

ProQuest alerts you to new articles that fit your recent searches.

Most of these services allow you to choose the frequency which you’re updated so you’re not inundated with messages. How’s that for a deal? The information you want, when you want it.

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