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Expand Your Mind Twenty Words at a Time

By Bigg Success Staff

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Most of us use less than five percent of our brains naturally. It’s up to us to develop the other 95 percent through training and conditioning.

So says Frank Minirth, noted psychiatrist and author, in A Brilliant Mind: Proven Ways to Increase Your Brainpower. He contends that we can increase our brain power through mental conditioning, just like you can improve your cardiovascular system through regular exercise.

His choice of methods to do this – expand your vocabulary. Words are the tools we use to express our thoughts. So expanding the words in our arsenal expands our minds.

One of the techniques he recommends is to expand your vocabulary twenty words at a time. As Dr. Minirth explains, the brain can develop new cells as well as changing through new cell connections. Memorizing words increases the number of cell connections. As you add cell connections, you expand your ability to memorize more.

This book is organized so you can get meaningful information a few minutes at a time. So take it with you and read it whenever you have a little downtime. It’s a wise way to spend a few minutes that will make you wiser!

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