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A Wii Bit of Fun

employee Our friends Paul and Stephanie bought a Nintendo Wii not long ago. They invited us to their home recently and we played games. It was so much fun! It was great to hang out with good friends. And we got a work out!



We boxed, played tennis, took in a few rounds of golf, and did some bowling. It was a blast!


For the record, Mary-Lynn kicked my you-know-what when we boxed.


A small investment leads to bigg fun

Part of the reason our friends bought the Wii is that they have a wee little girl. So they don’t get out as much as they used to. They made a small investment in this game system. They get to have some fun, and some couple time, when little Ellie goes to sleep. And whenever they have friends over, everyone can join in the fun!

We’re not bigg gamers, but this was really a blast. There may be a Wii in our future. It’s definitely an investment – by the time you buy all the accessories – but you can entertain yourself at home instead of going out and spending money.

It doesn’t require any investment

Our local movie theater has an air hockey table. So whenever we go see a movie, we play some air hockey. And to let you in on a little secret, sometimes we don’t go to the movie!


marylynn We’re both pretty competitive. The puck often flies off the table! The sad thing is, what really gets my goat, I have yet to win an air hockey match against George. I don’t understand because I’m pretty good!



georgeWe’re lucky because we have a park down the street with a basketball court. So we’ll go play a round of H – O – R – S – E. And you know, if I could spell “Horse”, I’m pretty sure Mary-Lynn has beaten me!


There are a lot of games you can play, from the ones we talked about to board games, that allow you to bring out that fun, little competitive nature and bond at the same time.

We played Wii tennis and it was fun. But we also play tennis at a local park from time to time. It’s a great way to have some fun outdoors.

These are all cheap ways to have some fun, compete, and connect. With couples being so busy, so strapped for time, it’s important to connect in some way every day. If you can do it with a game, so much the better!

I just don’t want Mary-Lynn to keep connecting with me in boxing. Even though it’s a Wii game, it still hurts … my pride!

How do you connect?


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