Cars as Investments – Fuzzy Dice or Fuzzy Logic

fuzzy_diceOn a recent show, we discussed the best investment you can make right now. We highlighted some places you might not normally think of as investments:



  • paying down debt
  • investing in durable goods like cars and appliances
  • buying non-perishables you use every day when you can get a real deal
  • making your home more energy efficient

We concluded, though, that the best investment you can make right now – or anytime for that matter – is you. 

One of our regular listeners, who is also a friend of ours, took exception to us classifying cars as an investment. Tim Noice said:

“I can’t say that I personally have ever found a vehicle and an investment synonymous. Even though there are extraordinarily good deals on vehicles right now, one must keep in mind the possible increase in such costs as: insurance, taxes (on the purchase), loan interest cost, cost of new fuzzy dice, and of course, an increase in gas consumption due to the desire to drive more. This new purchase could however negate future repair costs.”

All we can say is: That’s a great point, Tim!

We agree with Tim that it’s usually fuzzy logic to think of a car as an investment. Most new cars depreciate rapidly in the first couple of years.

We should have explained ourselves more. We left out some important details. Fortunately, Tim filled them in for us!

He did a great job of listing the things you should consider when buying a car – right down to the fuzzy dice! 

Timing the purchase … or … Don’t do what we did


marylynnGeorge, you waited as long as you could before buying our last car. You literally drove our old one to death; it had to be towed away!



georgeIf only there was a Cash for Clunkers program back then!



marylynnWhen we bought our new car – I’ve had monthly car payments before – it came with a monthly subscription to OnStar. So there are costs to think about even beyond the actual purchase.



georgeVehicles were an essential part of the service businesses I was in before we started Bigg Success. I always bought into the mindset that it was better to buy used vehicles and keep them as long as you could. One year, I was flabbergasted at how much we spent on repairs. I talked with other business owners in similar businesses. We developed a rotation plan to keep new vehicles coming into our fleet. Man, what a difference that made to our bottom line!


This is the type of situation we were thinking about when we classified cars as an investment – someone with an older car (and repair bills starting to stack up) that they’re thinking of replacing in the next couple of years. Right now, you may still be able to get a deal so good that it’s worth going ahead instead of waiting.

We’ve said before, and we’ll say it here again, every dollar you spend is an investment. Some return money. Others return happiness. Some return nothing.

Think about the return you want from all your purchases – weighed against the costs of doing nothing (i.e. not making the purchase) – and you’ll be a bigg success!


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Thanks so much for reading our post today. Please join us next time when we’ll discuss playing to win. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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  1. Denver SEO
    Denver SEO says:

    Cars??? Never would use the words ‘car’ and ‘investment’ in the same sentence.

    Automobiles are a necessity though. As long as you can hang on to one and your needs are going to be steady for the long term, (such as not needing to trade in the sports car for a van to haul kids around), this might work.

    Provocative piece!



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