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bridgeWe have a number of friends who still have a tie to our community. So every year at the holidays, they wander back this way. Visiting with them is one of our greatest joys.




georgeI met my good friend, Paul, for a cup of coffee. Paul and I met through our local chapter of the Jaycees. I always come away inspired when I get to chat with Paul.



marylynnGeorge came home and told me about a fantastic program that his friend is working with in his area, Bridges out of Poverty.


We found so many things he said about the program interesting. The most significant one is the term “bridges” because we’ve been thinking about bridges a lot recently.

Getting from where you are to where you want to be
Picture yourself standing on the edge of a cliff. Way down beneath you, you can see a bigg river.  Thousands of feet away, you can see the other side. You can see that it is a beautiful place, a place you dream of being.

But how do you span the vast expanse between where you are and your dream place?

You build a bridge!

4 types of bridges

  • Education – You may need a different degree or some professional certification.
  • Current job – Perhaps your current job affords you time to start a business part-time.
  • Severance package – With the money you got from a former employer, you may be able to start a business now instead of waiting.
  • Frugal living – You don’t spend nearly as much as you make. You’ve paid off your debt. You’re accumulating money so you can explore a new land.


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How we’re building our bridge faster
Your bridge may be built faster when you combine more than one of these. We’ve lived very frugally as we ramp up Bigg Success. It means we haven’t been forced to take on projects just for the money and we’re also able to keep reinvesting in the business.

But we have spent money on a whole lot of education. We’ve hired coaches. We’ve attended conferences. We’ve bought programs. Our online business is a new space for us so we’ve had – and still have – a lot to learn.

Determine what it will take for you to get across the gulf that exists between where you are and where you want to be. Then build your bridge to bigg success with determination!

What’s your bridge?


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