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Groundhog Daze

groundhogWhat do you think it could be?

We love watching seasonal movies – Halloween movies, Christmas movies, and yes, the one movie for this time of year … Groundhog Day.

Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, the generally unhappy weather man with a cutting wit. He’s on assignment in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. He can’t wait to do his bit and get back to the city.



Instead he ends up in a time loop, repeating Groundhog Day over and over again.

Real life can be like that sometimes. It may feel like you’re doing the same thing, day after day. It’s too much of the same – same routine, same commute, same tasks.

You’ve fallen into a groundhog daze!

There are bigg issues at play here. It may be that a career change is in order. It may be that you’re an entrepreneur and you’re ready to move to the next level.

But in this economy, it may be difficult to make a bigg move in the short run. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept the tail wagging the groundhog.

So what can you do now to snap out of a groundhog daze?


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In honor of the most famous groundhog of all, we suggest you “Phil” your day:

“Phil” your day by learning something new.
Get outside your comfort zone. Do something that really makes you stretch. Think about it – in the movie – Bill Murray’s character mastered the piano, learned French and became an ice sculptor.

These were all creative pursuits. If you spend most of your time using the logical side of your brain, then develop your creative side. If you’re mainly involved in creative pursuits, build up your logical brain. 

“Phil” your day by helping someone.
Just like Bill Murray’s character – day after day, you’ve accumulated a whole lot of experiences. How can you leverage those experiences to help someone else?

For example, one of our friends is pretty good with numbers. He’s helping another friend of ours with her taxes. She was without a job for a while this year so money is still a little tight.

“Phil” your day with someone you love.
Who’s your Rita (the character played by Andie MacDowell in the movie)? Phil Connors finally realized that he really loved her. When he gave into that, he got out of the endless torture.

Of course, that’s the Hollywood ending. But before you can truly love someone else you have to love yourself.

Start by making time for yourself if you’re not already. Then you’re ready to move on to others.

That will make your day very “fulphilling”!    

How do you “Phil” your day?


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