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How to Build a High Net Worth – Part 2

growing assetsBIGG success is life on your own terms. The terms we use – and how we think about them – are very important. There are five primary terms of BIGG success – we call them the five elements: money, time, growth, work and play. Today, we’ll focus on growth.



Last time, we talked about how to build a high financial Net Worth. But there’s another meaning to the term “Net Worth” that’s more important than financial Net Worth.

Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities
So to increase your Net Worth, increase Assets or decrease Liabilities.

In our context today:
Assets = Strengths
Liabilities = Weaknesses

Here are two keys to building a high Net Worth in a human sense:

See your own value

You have a lot of Assets. Do you recognize them? Here’s a tangible example:

In the last couple of years, a lot of people have looted their closets, their storage spaces, their garages and a lot of other places. They’ve found things that they could turn into money. They were there all along; they just didn’t see them.

Get inside yourself and really think about your strengths. Your genetic make-up, your experiences, your perceptions, the people in your life and so much more have combined in a one-of-a-kind individual – you!

But to really uncover your Assets, you have to open the closets of your heart, go into the storage spaces of your mind, open the garage of your soul and explore the essence of your being. Shake off the dust and show your Assets to the world! 

Overcome self-doubt
Self-doubt is the biggest Liability of all. It keeps people from starting that business, from changing careers, from reaching BIGG success.

Self-doubt also keeps people from persevering. When you start a business, the first five years or so can be really tough. You need the fuel of self-confidence to keep you going.

You have to manage your inputs:
Do your friends offer constructive advice or do they throw gas on the flame of self-doubt?

Do you expose yourself to media that expands your mind and fills your spirit or do you primarily take in the negative?

We’re news junkies. But occasionally we just turn it off. It’s important to stay in the loop but it seems that bad news is good news to the news media.


Mary-Lynn FosterI like Daryn Kagan’s web site. She’s a former newsy who now brings good news and inspiring stories to people.



George KruegerI like to listen to music. I especially like jazz or classical when I’m working.


However, the input you get from the outside is less important than the input you get inside yourself.

How do you talk to yourself? You do talk to yourself, don’t you?

We all talk to ourselves. We just recommend that you don’t do it out loud when people are around!

Here’s an important thing to do with your self-talk: Listen to yourself.

Do you talk to yourself like you’re your best friend? You should.

If you can’t be a good friend to yourself, you’ll never be a good friend to anyone else. Loving yourself leads to BIGG success!

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