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Let Go to Go on to BIGG Success

leaderThere is a video of famous fisherman, Bill Dance. He had just one problem in getting his boat in the water – it was still on the trailer!

You need a boat to reach BIGG success. To get your boat to water, you transported it with a trailer. Now you’re ready to get out on the water so you can go to a new place.

You won’t go very far – and you certainly won’t get there as fast as you could – if you don’t get your boat off the trailer now.


To see the video we referenced above, click the image above, or here.

You have to let go to get on to BIGG success. There are all kinds of trailers. Your trailer may be:

1. Your education
But now your field doesn’t show much promise. Let go to go on.

2. Your industry
You may have loved it; you may still love it. But it’s changed so much you barely recognize it. Let go to go on.

3. Your job
But you’ve risen as far as you can in this company. It’s not growing fast enough to offer any real opportunity. Let go to go on.

4. A key employee
It may be a person who served you admirably for years. But now he or she isn’t keeping up with the times. Let go to go on.

5. A marketing method or advertising medium
It worked well for years. But now it’s not producing for you. Let go to go on.

Whatever your trailer, as difficult as it may be, let go to go on to BIGG success!

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