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familyBIGG Success is life on your own terms. It’s about designing the life you want, personally and professionally, and finding your path to get there. It's about entrepreneuring your life. You are the entrepreneur of your own life.



We normally think being an entrepreneur means “I own my own business.” We’re saying that, whether you’re employed or self-employed, you are an entrepreneur. You own your life. You're not the CEO, you're not the brand manager, it's not your personal brand, it goes beyond that. You are the owner. You bring together the resources necessary to build that life. You put the structure that is needed in place to achieve your bigg dream.

It’s not just about the work that you do. Your life is about more than that. But sometimes we segment our work and life so much that we don't see the opportunity to think holistically. We have to bring together both our professional and personal lives. As the entrepreneur of your own life, it’s crucial to find ways to make all the parts of your life work together, synergistically.

So what are YOUR terms? What is YOUR dream?

A Woman, Her Family, and Her Terms

Fabienne Fredrickson, is a small business coaching expert, who helps owners learn how to market themselves to attract more clients. Here's how she and her husband are living life on their own terms…and why:

"Two years ago when I took my business to the million dollar mark for the first time, my husband and I had long discussions in the middle of the night and on long drives, and we decided that he was going to quit his job at the investment bank and join the company. He is now CEO and runs the entire operations and has helped triple the business. Now our children get to see mommy and daddy working together, and we're setting an example for them on how you can create your own life on your own terms. We get to spend a lot of time with them and each other, and we've created what we call the entrepreneurial family lifestyle! It's truly been magical." 

Isn't that fantastic? Her work and life are so very important to her, and she's a BIGG Success because she's figured out how to get the best of both worlds in her life.You can learn more about Fabienne at: and later this month, she will be a guest on our show.

BIGG thanks to our friends Shea Maultsby and Marcella Palmer of
M.INK Productions
and IFV News, where they provide entrepreneurial business and finance news from around the globe for small and medium-sized businesses.

They were interviewing Fabienne for an upcoming IFV News episode when she mentioned how she was living life on her own terms. Shea & Marcella  thought of us, got permission to share the audio with us and gave it to us to use!

We are BIGG fans of Shea and Marcella and we'll have them on the BIGG Success show soon too, sharing tips on how to use video for your business (like they recently did for Wix Lounge's Social Media Week in New York)…and to find out how they are living life on their own terms.

Now for you. Tell us how YOU are living life on your own terms by taking ownership of your life, so we can feature your story on our show too! Leave a message at 888-455-BIGG (2444), email us:, or leave a comment below.

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