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Secrets for Making New Year Resolutions That Stick


making new year resolutions stick for BIGG SuccessAnother year is upon us.

Like any other new year, most people will begin the new year with anticipation and hope.

We toast one year good-bye, figuratively or literally, while we welcome the new one.

We let go of the past. We start fresh.

Most people don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Far, far fewer keep them.

Because of this, New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bad rap. They’re fodder for jokes.

The secret to making New Year resolutions

Resolution is another name for goal. You won’t reach BIGG success without clear goals.

That’s the secret to making New Year resolutions – they need to be clearly defined.

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The secret to keeping New Year resolutions

On New Year’s Day, you’re confident in your ability to keep your resolutions.

You have the desire to get to the next level, to create a new you.

You believe you can do it.

So a secret to keeping New Year is to treat every day like New Year’s Day.

Bring the same optimism and enthusiasm for a better life into every day.

On some days, you’ll succeed. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Just remember, though, that tomorrow is the beginning of another year. You have to strive to keep your resolutions again.

There will also be days when you don’t keep your resolutions.

Don’t worry.
Don’t get discouraged.
Don’t beat yourself up.
Double your resolve.
Learn from it.
Double your resolve.
Let go of it.
Start fresh.
Tomorrow is the beginning of another year.

Change is difficult

Some setbacks are to be expected. People fail to keep their resolutions because they let these setbacks become excuses.

They didn’t keep their resolution today, so why keep it tomorrow?

BIGG goal-getters do the opposite. They realize that change is difficult. So they make every day New Year’s Day.

If you follow their lead, it will lead you to BIGG success next year!

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