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BIGG Success Hits the Radio Airwaves

BIGG Success lands radio dealWe wanted to share some exciting news – a one-minute version of our podcast is getting syndicated nationally on the radio.

We’ve partnered with Envision Radio Networks, the largest independently-owned affiliate relations company in the United States. They provide content like ours to over 1,200 radio stations and reach millions of listeners every week.

We’re so excited to bring BIGG Success in a Minute to radio listeners around the country. And we want to take this opportunity to extend some special thanks to:

  • all the wonderful people at Envision – and especially Danno Wolkoff, CEO, for offering us this opportunity and
    Michael Lichtstein, VP of Programming, for all his helpful feedback.
  • our amazing coach, Kipper McGee – THE brandwidth expert – for helping us refine our skills, spurring us on, and doing all the little extras he’s so amazing at.
  • YOU – for listening to our shows, encouraging us, offering feedback and the millions of other ways you have helped.

So we hope we bump into you on the radio. And we have another exciting announcement coming in about six weeks. Stay tuned!

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