March Madness and the Key to Winning in Your Life, Career, and Business

March Madness and the Key to Winning

March Madness and the Key to Winning in Your Life, Career, and Business Podcast episode #924. Click the player to listen in on George & Mary-Lynn

March Madness reaches its peak this weekend and it got us thinking: There’s a common challenge we all face today. And we can count on one thing – it’s only going to get worse.

The people who learn how to overcome it will succeed; those who don’t will get mired in mediocrity.

How to win March Madness

The NCAA tournament – March Madness – serves as a useful analogy. Even if you’re not into sports in general or basketball in particular, there is a valuable lesson which will be demonstrated this weekend.

64 teams started the tournament with the same vision: to win the BIGG game. But that’s too BIGG of a goal. It’s meaningless at the beginning of the tournament.

So they focused exclusively on winning the next game. The problem is, even that is too BIGG of a goal.

Do they focus on winning the quarter? That’s a progress marker, a check-in point, a time to measure success or the lack thereof and adapt accordingly. So what do they focus on?

The next possession, the next play.

Now only four teams are left. Their vision remains the same: win the BIGG game. But the winner will do it one play at a time.

Your March Madness

You, too, are trying to win your own version of March Madness. It’s your vision for your life, your career, and/or your business for this year.

This is where the challenge we discussed in the opening paragraphs rears its ugly head. Today – in every moment – there are dozens, hundreds, even thousands of things crying for your attention. Stated simply, we all have too many options.

There are so many things that we could do,
we have trouble deciding what we should do.

You must be single-minded to succeed. You have to focus exclusively on those few things which will help you reach your overarching goals.

Then you have to determine what you need to do now to reach them. It’s your next play.

You can’t be bothered with what you’re doing in the next quarter. You shouldn’t worry about what you’re doing after the game. You must put all of your effort and energy into your next play.

You will be tempted. It’s easy to get distracted. But if you want to win, you have to train your brain to focus like a laser on what needs to be done right now.

Here’s the good news…

You don’t have to win every play. You don’t even have to win more than you lose. A BIGG play may make up for a number of small losses.

The key is to stay true to your vision. You do that with focus – focus on what you need to do right now to move you closer to your vison. Just do it!

Sure, you will need to perform other tasks. For example, you have to keep up on your email. Find a time when your energy is at its lowest and do what you need to do to maintain it.

Then get back to what’s important now. It leads to BIGG success!

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Until we “meet” again, here’s to your BIGG success!

– George & Mary-Lynn

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