Found Time Cover_295Found Time: 7 Days
to Achieve More
Without Working More

7 days. 7 minutes. $7. That’s all it takes.


Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of what you’ll discover in this edition of our
7 Days, 7 Minutes series:

[Day 1] Surprise! Why You’re So Busy Today
Research shows there’s a trap that’s easy to fall into. But you can avoid it by asking these simple questions. 7 Days 7 Minutes Bundle_med

[Day 2] Say “No” Without Feeling Guilty
The most successful people have learned how to say “No” without disappointing. You’ll discover their secret for declining offers with style and grace.

[Day 3] Study Shows Successful People Work Less
Many people work too hard. You’ll see the one work ethic that separates average people from the most successful ones.

[Day 4] Win the Race Against Time! Toss Your To-Do List
Replace your long list of tasks with this simple system so you feel less overwhelmed and get more done.

[Day 5] Do Less So You Can Do More
Why don’t more people succeed? Because they try to do too much. You’ll discover a simple tool which helps you stay focused.

[Day 6] 3 Quirks Which Kill Your Productivity
We all have quirks. They’re part of our personalities. But these three quirks stop your progress in its place.

[Day 7] Get More Done by Enjoying More Free Time
You’ll see a simple trick which instantly improves your efficiency, so you can get away while simultaneously ramping up your production.