A Note from Mary-Lynn

About-BIGG-Success-Mary-Lynn-FosterI’m so lucky that my parents listened to WGN-AM radio out of Chicago when I was growing up. That’s how I decided on my profession, and credit that to Bob Collins, “Uncle Bobby”.

He was such an amazing broadcaster…smart, funny, creative, caring, and everybody loved him. He inspired me to get into radio, and to find ways to have a meaningful impact on others lives.

I spent over twenty years as a radio broadcaster, moving from city to city while climbing to the prime time shift of hosting morning radio. Most recently, I hosted my own top rated local radio talk show.

I’ve been recognized by the Illinois Broadcasters Association for my radio shows over the years. I also won several awards for my radio commercial production.

In the mid-2000’s, I started noticing people talk about things like iPod, Twitter, blogging, and podcasting. I’d always had the bug to try to build a brand of my very own, focused on empowering people to achieve their dreams. I thought these new tools offered an opportunity to do that.

In 2007 I took a leap of faith, left my profession, and started BIGG Success!

The best part, is that my partner in this company is my best friend and husband, George Krueger. As a first-time entrepreneur, there’s a lot to learn. I’ve appreciated getting to learn the ropes from George, an experienced business owner who also teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Illinois.

Along the way, we’ve made some significant accomplishments:

  • The BIGG Success Show is among the top 1% of podcasts in Business, and Careers categories in iTunes.
  • A 1-minute version of our show got picked up by Envision Radio Networks, who markets BIGG Success in a Minute to radio stations.
  • In 2016, I won a Rule Breaker Award, sponsored by Nextiva, which recognizes business people who have forged their own path.
  • We’ve had the joy of helping many professionals and businesses either launch or improve their brand.
  • We’ve given several standing-room only workshops on using social media for branding.
  • Most recently, we launched the Financial Freedom Tool – which helps people save more money, so they can do more good.

I’m thankful for this entrepreneurial journey with George where we will continue to grow our business by helping others grow, so together, we can change our world for good!