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When people talk about George and Mary-Lynn, they say they are energetic. In fact, they have so much energy, it’s just downright contagious.

You also hear that this talking twosome is engaging. Your people will learn from their presentations because George and Mary-Lynn will get them involved. Your group will also get some laughs along with the lessons.

This dynamic duo will help your people activate their inner entrepreneur. Your attendees will discover innovative ways to approach today’s hottest issues.

Your people will leave your event empowered by this powerful pair. Bring BIGG Success to your organization! Why settle for anything less? See a list of speaking topics below.

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We’ve categorized our topics by audience for your convenience. Keep in mind, though, that many of these topics can cross over.

The best way to move forward is by having a conversation about your event. We’ll tell you straight up whether or not we’re a good fit. Contact us today!

Audience: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals

BRAND New Rules of Marketing: What every business owner and professional must know now

Audience: Business Owners & Executives

Driving Business Value: Smart Growth Strategies for Any Economy

Driving Business Value with Social Media

Audience: Leaders

Beyond Retention: Getting Your Employees Fully Behind You

7 Steps to Lead Your Team to Victory

Audience: Salespeople

Sell More, Worry Less

Sell More with Social Networking

Audience: Employees

Beyond Loyalty: Getting Customers to Love You

How to Have the Time of Your Life at Work

Audience: College Students

7 Things to Learn in College (That Classes Won’t Teach You)

How to See Your Future Clearly

Audience: General

How to be a BIGG Success Today and Every Day

Why Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Work (and What You Can Do About It)

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