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This Word Helps You Keep Your Resolutions

no We found a list of the thirteen most popular New Year’s resolutions. It’s a great page full of links to tips on how to keep them.



The list itself doesn’t contain any real surprises:

  • lose weight
  • manage debt
  • save money
  • get a better job
  • get fit
  • eat right
  • get a better education
  • drink less alcohol
  • quit smoking now
  • reduce stress overall
  • reduce stress at work
  • take a trip
  • volunteer to help others

As we discussed this list, we realized that there is one word that can often make all the difference in keeping our resolutions.

That word is … No!

You can’t keep putting yourself, or your goals, on the back burner and expect anything to change. You have to say, “No!”

Say no to everything that doesn’t help you achieve your goals.

Say no and get fit

For example, assume your resolution is to “Get fit.” Depending on your commute to your preferred fitness center, it will take at least an hour every time you work out.

But it’s really important to you so you’re going to make time to do it.

Then a co-worker or a friend asks you to serve on a committee or join a club that has weekly meetings. Just say No!

Your “No” doesn’t have to be forever. It just has to be for right now while you fit (pun intended) exercise in your daily routine. Once you’ve made it a habit, then you can consider something else.

Say no and get out of debt

Another common resolution is to “Manage debt.” Of course, the first step is to stop getting further in debt.

Since this is really important to you, you’ll find ways to control your spending.

Two common things that hurt our budgets are major purchases and daily decisions. Get in the habit of saying no to things you don’t need so you stop getting further in debt and save money to pay your debt down.

No – it’s a negative word that will positively help you reach your goals!


Would you like help setting strong, achievable goals? Get our FREE Goal Planning Workbook when you subscribe to our FREE weekly newsletter. That’s something you’ll want to say “Yes” to!


We really appreciate you checking in on us today. Next week, we’ll look at what’s hot in 2009. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Make Your Daily Commute Productive

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


There’s something we really want to know. Why is it called “rush hour” when much of the time we “crawl”? 

Yes, the daily commute can be quite frustrating unless you look at it in a different way.

See it as your “do not disturb” time.

When you do that, your daily drive to and from work becomes your refuge!

We’re sure we don’t need to remind you that you shouldn’t drive and talk on your cell phone anyway! So why not escape into your own world? It’s uninterrupted time!

Before long, you might find yourself leaving a little early and driving behind the slow-poke! Because you want to spend more time in your safe harbor. Free from all the things that pull you in so many directions at once.

This is YOU time!

So what will you do with all this time? Here are seven suggestions:

#1 – Listen to audio podcasts.

There are so many great online shows now. Of course, we highly recommend The Bigg Success Show for a daily lesson and a laugh in five-minutes or so! (Subscribe in iTunes)

Probably the easiest way to find the plethora of options available is to go to iTunes. Pick an area you’re interested in and subscribe to the show!

#2 – Listen to audio books.
Drive time is an excellent time to “read” a book. All you have to do is listen! Of course, you can get a book that will improve your career skills. But why not expand yourself? Listen to the greatest works of all time!

The easiest way to do this is to have a book in mind. Just search Amazon for that audio book. Or you can do a general search for “audio books” and see what catches your fancy!

#3 – Take a course on CD.

Why just read a book? You can use this time to take an entire course! You’ll come away from every commute a little closer to being an expert on your chosen subject.

Do you plan to travel abroad sometime soon? Learn the language before you go!

#4 – Play some great music.
Music is good for the mind, heart, and soul. Expand yourself by listening to some of the great classics in all genres. Spend a few minutes on the weekend learning about the works you’ll listen to in the coming week.

What kind of music do you like? Learn what influenced your favorite kind of music and trace it back to its roots. Or think about what types of music have been influenced by what you love and trace it forward.

#5 – Listen to the radio.
Whether it’s terrestrial or satellite radio, you have so many options available. Mix it up. Don’t get stuck listening to the same station day after day. Choose a different one every day of the week! Get different points-of-view, listen to a variety of music, and expand your horizons!

#6 – Massage yourself.
If you get stuck in traffic, spend that time giving yourself a comforting massage. We won’t lie to you – it feels better when it’s done for you. But you can hit your pressure points so you feel more relaxed.

#7 – Exercise / stretch
Once again, if you get stuck in traffic, use that time to get in a little exercise, stretching, and deep breathing. Obviously, this won’t replace a trip to the gym, but it’s a bonus.

You can do some isometric exercises and certain stretches. While you’re doing it, breathe in and out deeply. Even if you just flex your muscles, you’ll feel better than if you just sit there waiting to go again!

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