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This Old Fashioned Tool Aids Productivity

clockThere’s a perception that, because office work doesn’t require physical labor, we who work at a desk with a computer don’t need a break. This perception exists even among many office workers. We’re guilty of it ourselves!

But the repetitive tasks you perform at your desk may be just as taxing on your body as physical labor. Your neck muscles start to tighten. Your eyes begin to strain. You feel a discomfort in your wrists. Fortunately, there’s an answer:



Get away from your desk and your computer for five or ten minutes.

You don’t necessarily have to quit working. You can have a quick conversation with a co-worker about that project on which you’re both working. You could make a quick phone call.

But actually taking a little break from work may be just the ticket!

Try to do that at least every other hour. Take a short walk. Stretch. Breathe. Focus on something far away to give your eyes a break.


georgeFor me, this really helps me get more done. Especially when I’m writing or trying to solve a complex problem, I often find the answer when I’m away from my desk.



marylynnFor example, we often come up with the title for our show when we step away for a few minutes. I feel better when I just stand up and move. It feels good to get my circulation going. I feel refreshed quickly and it gets me ready to tackle my next bigg challenge.


It’s a little bit counter-intuitive, but it really does work. Try it for yourself and see.

We needed a reminder

But if you’re like us, you get so involved in your work that it can be difficult to remember to take a break. Fortunately, there’s an old-fashioned tool that helps you remember to get away.

It’s an alarm!

Set an alarm every hour so you remember to change up your routine for a few minutes.


georgeI won’t speak for you, Mary-Lynn, but I needed the alarm to develop the habit of getting away. Otherwise, I could just keep plugging away for hours. When I finally would get up, my body would say, “Whoa!”



marylynnI’m the same way. I get in that zone and I just don’t think about getting up and stretching a little. The next thing you know, my neck is so tight that I can hardly stand it.


A task to improve productivity

In case you aren’t convinced that a short break will improve your productivity, we’ll serve up a task that will definitely make a difference.

When your alarm goes off, stand up. Stretch a little. Move around.

Now compare your progress for the day against your To-Do List.

Are you on track? If you are, congratulate yourself. If not, double your efforts before the next alarm.

It may only take you a minute to do this. You may reward yourself with a longer break of five or ten minutes if you’re on track.

Find what works for you and then implement it for your bigg success!


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Thank you so much for taking the time to read our post today.

You’ve heard the phrase “think outside the box.” Frankly, we’ve heard it so much we’re sick of it. Next time, we’ll discuss how to always think outside the box. Please join us.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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Future Shock! Why You Over-commit

shock You’re backed up with work. There’s no time to spare. You’re busy, busy, busy. You eat your lunch at your desk and keep plugging away. An hour passes, then another. It looks like another late night at the office. And it’s Friday. Guess you’ll be working this weekend. As evening approaches, you get a call from a friend who is chairing the fundraising committee this year for his favorite charity. He asks if you’d help raise money this year. The campaign kicks off in a month. Oh, what the heck you say – it’s over a month away. No problem!

You don’t think anymore about it. The weeks turn into a month. You get an e-mail reminding you of the first committee meeting. You’re just as busy now as you were when you committed to it. But now you have yet another obligation – you have to serve on this committee.



The future becomes the present

A study done a while back showed that we do have a tendency to think we will miraculously be less busy in the future than we are today. So we say “yes” to requests for our time in the future. Then we’re shocked when the future becomes the present and we have even less time than we had before.

We’ve overcommitted ourselves … again!

5 questions to ask before committing yourself

The first question is simply a check. It may be obvious, but we didn’t feel we could leave it out.

  • How will this request advance me toward my goals? If it doesn’t, why say yes.

The next four questions aren’t sequential. They should be answered simultaneously.

  • If you had to do this tomorrow or next week, would you still say yes? If you can’t say yes to this question without hesitation, why commit yourself? But consider the next question before saying “no”.

  • How significant would the impact be on your life if you say yes? You may be willing to pay the price of overextending yourself if the pay off is high enough. If that’s the case, look at the next question.

  • How much time will it realistically take? You can only operate in a state of hyper-activity for a short period of time. If it will take a year, you can’t push yourself that hard. So if it’s a long-term project you may have to say no. If it’s short-term you may be able to say yes. In either case, consider the next question.

  • What am I willing to say “no” to or put “on hold” in order to do this? You only have 24 hours in your day just like any human. Will you sleep less? Spend less time with your family? Skip your next vacation? Be realistic about what you have to give up. Is it worth the price? 

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to commit (or not commit) your time in the future. You understand that you won’t have more time then. So you’ll be careful to only commit to those things which will make you a bigg success!


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We greatly appreciate you reading our post today. Join us next time as we look at the difference between being battle-scarred and battle-scared. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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The Multi-Tasker’s Dream Product

By Bigg Success Staff

Leading-Edge Applications


Do you need to get some work done, but you want to go for a walk? Not a problem!

Maybe you’ve been somewhere with your computer, but couldn’t find a place to sit.

Now there’s a solution!

Perhaps your job requires you to move around, but still work on your computer. Here’s the answer!

Connect-a-Desk gives you the freedom to work on your laptop, notebook, or tablet computer while moving around.

This ergonomically-designed, patent-pending product is revolutionizing the way people work … and play! Because now you can do both at the same time!

You can check your e-mail while walking on the treadmill. You can move around and enter data into your computer at the same time.

For less than $35, you can add untold productive time. It’s easy to use and easy to store.

Connect-a-Desk is the multi-tasker’s dream product!

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