Money Smart Week podcast guests

Tips from 3 World Famous Financial Experts

Money Smart Week podcast guests

Get tips from some of the top financial experts in the world – made possible by:

On The BIGG Success Show today, we introduced the 3 financial experts who will be joining us for a special podcast series. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

We are hosting a special podcast series for Money Smart Week, March 30th-April 6th. Money Smart Week is a national public awareness campaign coordinated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to help individuals and families better manage their personal finances.

Our mission at BIGG Success is to help good people have more money to do more good! So we decided to create a special podcast series to bring you advice from the top financial experts in the world!

During this special podcast series, you’ll hear from

  • Broke Millennial, Erin Lowry, on how to start investing
  • TODAY Show’s money expert Jean Chatzky, with tips for women and their money
  • New York Times Best-selling finance author David Bach, with the secrets to financial freedom

A Taste of the Expert Advice You’ll be getting

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The Bigg Success Show Expert Sessions – Finding Peace in Financial Chaos

expert session_finding peace

Featuring: Joan Sotkin, author of Build Your Money Muscles

Joan shares insight on how to stop letting emotions get in the way of prosperity…no matter what shape the market is in!

In This Session:

*Why your definition of prosperity may need refinement

*Lessons to takeaway from a volatile market

*How your financial identity affects your results

*Understand the emotions behind losing money

*Learn the five major feelings associated with money

*How the vocabulary you use affects your results

*How to connect to your feelings to better manage money

*Why we struggle when we have more money

About the Hosts:
George Krueger & Mary-Lynn Foster are co-hosts of The Bigg Success Show,
a daily 5-minute lesson & laugh on personal and professional development.

About the Expert:
Joan Sotkin knows how to create prosperity—from the inside out. After years
of struggling financially, Joan found her calling at age sixty when her web
site became an internet sensation. Her dynamic
personality and holistic approach to achieving wealth have made her a
sought-after prosperity guide, speaker, and workshop leader. Her thirty years
of research into the connection between emotions and money blazes a
pathway to prosperity through personal growth rather than quick fixes.
Find her online at

Approximately 45-minutes of expert advice.

For a $10 digital download of this expert session please use:

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