100 Tips to Succeed Bigg!


Today is a special blog for us – it is number 100!

Bigg Success was born on Nov 12, 2007 with our first Bigg Success Show. It’s been a bigg ride so far!

Comments from you
It’s always great to hear from you. One of our favorite comments was a listener who told us that The Bigg Success Show is her daily mojo!

We also love it when people tell us they got a good laugh. Admittedly, it’s easier to deliver a laugh on the show than in our blog – sometimes it doesn’t translate well. By the way, to hear the show, just click the  button near the top of this page.

We strive to deliver a daily lesson and a laugh in five minutes or so. We believe that it’s better not to be too serious, but still give practical suggestions. It’s been great to hear from so many of you that you did indeed use one of our tidbits.

We don’t know it all and we don’t pretend to. In fact, on the show, George said, “I usually assume that I know less than anyone in the room. Unfortunately, it usually turns out that I’m right!”We value your input and it’s so easy to give it – all you have to do is type! Just click on the article title and look for “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of the page.

Celebrating a milestone
So today is a milestone for us. When we discussed Climbing the Stairway to Success, we said you should give yourself a treat when you hit a goal. Well, we’re practicing what we preach by taking some time to savor the moment with you today.

100 tips – we’ve delivered three times our promise
We promised 100 tips to succeed bigg in our title today. We include a bigg quote in every blog. So go to our Bigg Quotes page and you’ll find a link to the blog where that quote was featured. You can count them – there’s 100!

We would count them ourselves but between the two of us we only have twenty fingers and toes!

In reality, we discuss at least three tips on every show, so you’ll find over 300 tips to succeed bigg! That’s three times what we promised! Check it out for yourself! We dare you!

Two of our favorites
You’ve heard us say that when you face an obstacle, you have to find way past it. At Super Bowl time, we did a show called Fumble Forward. We wanted to highlight one of the most famous fumbles of all time, but we couldn’t get licensing permission to air the original broadcast. So we recreated it ourselves. (Hear the clip in The Bigg Success Show. Click above.) 

Mary-Lynn said she’s never been a sports broadcaster. It was fun! Finding a creative solution to the problem was even more rewarding.

We did a show on multi-tasking – Can You Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time? Unfortunately, George showed all of you that he can’t.
(Hear the clip in The Bigg Success Show. Click above.)

Mary-Lynn said George better give up on Dancing with the Stars!


On February 29, we did a special leap year show about the growing trend of people traveling while working, Leaping from Place to Place.

And speaking of taking a leap, we got married that day! George said it’s great – he only has to remember an anniversary every four years!

Will you help?
We started Bigg Success to bring together a community of like-minded people who would help each other succeed bigg. We may be the conductors, but it takes an orchestra for the music to be sweet.

Here’s one thing YOU can do to help – tell everyone you know about Bigg Success!

When you hear a show or read a blog that you like, share it! An easy way to do this is to click on the “Share This” button at the bottom of each post. There are a number of options – one is to e-mail a friend.

We thank you so much for being part of Bigg Success!

Our bigg quote today is by David Joseph Schwartz, who said,

“The person determined to achieve maximum success learns the principle that progress is made one step at a time. A house is built one brick at a time. Football games are won a play at a time. A department store grows bigger one customer
at a time. Every big accomplishment is a series of little accomplishments.”

Your accomplishments may seem tiny on their own, but when you put them together, they’re mighty.

That’s the mighty tinies, not the tidy whities!

Next time, we’ll discuss five laws of stratospheric success. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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Fumble Forward

With the Super Bowl upon us, we thought we’d discuss how to recover your fumbles and keep moving toward the end zone. One of the most famous fumbles ever occurred on September 10, 1978 in a game between the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers. It has become known as “the holy roller”.

Listen to today’s show for a recreated broadcast of that fantastic play!

The Chargers led 20 to 14. The Raiders had the ball on the Chargers 14-yard line with only ten seconds left in the game.

The Raiders quarterback, Kenny Stabler, took the snap and dropped back to pass. Woodrow Lowe, a linebacker for the Chargers, put pressure on Stabler in no time.

It appeared that Stabler would be sacked on the 24-yard line. Game over. But then …

… Stabler fumbled the ball. It rolled forward toward the 12-yard line. There was a mad dash for the ball. Pete Banaszak, a running back for the Raiders, scooped it up, but lost his footing.

He fumbled the ball! It rolled forward …

… approaching the 2-yard line. The Raiders tight end, Dave Casper tried to grab it, but he couldn’t get his hands on it!  He knocked it into the end zone.

Time was running out as the ball bounced around. Casper jumped on the ball. TOUCHDOWN!

The Raiders made their extra point as the time ran out. They won the game by fumbling forward!

You, too, can fumble forward toward your goals! We’ll discuss three ways fumble forward intelligently.

#1 – Fumble fast
Kenny Stabler saw the linebacker coming and made a quick decision – fumble! He confessed afterwards that he did it on purpose to keep the play alive.

You’re the quarterback of your life. Sometimes your only play is to fumble. Admit that you don’t have a better answer. But learn from it, so you can keep fumbling forward.

#2 – Fumble cheap
Stabler was faced with a tough situation. The clock was running out; the game was over if he got sacked. He didn’t have anything to lose by fumbling.

Learn from him. Test your ideas before going all out. Step into them so you won’t lose much if it doesn’t work. Minimize your downside so you can keep fumbling forward.

#3 – Fumble often
Try and try again. The more things you try, the more likely you are to succeed. You have to take risk to succeed. When you take risk, you will fumble occasionally. Learn from it and then fumble forward.

If you enjoyed today’s blog, be our quarterback – pass it to a friend!
We’re counting on you for the blitz!

Our Bigg Quote today is by the author, John W. Holt, Jr.

“If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not taking risks, and that
means you’re not going anywhere. The key is to make mistakes faster
than the competition, so you have more chances to learn and win.”

So, go ahead – fumble forward, but keep your eye on the end zone. The next thing you know, you’ll be popping the champagne bottles!

Next time, we’ll give you some advice on how to be a terrible boss. You’ll learn how to drive your employees away! Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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