A Tangible Way to Balance Your Life

balanceYou may relate to this: work – life balance is something the two of us struggle to maintain. We love our work. We have fun doing it, at least most of the time.

But it’s still important to get time away.

Even within our personal and professional lives, it’s important to maintain balance. When you do the same thing over and over, it can wear on you after awhile.

That’s something we don’t often think about when it comes to life balance. It’s balancing the types of things we do.



Balancing by type

When looking at your to-do list for the day, have you balanced different types of activities? For example, can you combine things that require you to sit at your computer and type with things that allow you to get away from it and think?

Variety keeps life more interesting. It keeps your mind engaged.

If you can’t do it with your work, you can do it by simply stepping outside for a few minutes and really taking in everything you can.

Balancing by payoff

But there’s another consideration about balance that we often don’t think about.

For a lot of professionals, much of the work we do doesn’t necessarily yield immediate tangible results. We see the results over a period of time. However, it doesn’t pack the same punch as a project where you can see the payoff immediately.


georgeHere’s an example of that. When I had my real world businesses, I’d make decisions that sometimes took months, even years, for the true result to materialize. I remember painting a room one weekend. It felt so good. I got to see the impact of my work within minutes.



marylynnWhile it doesn’t seem like fun to many people, I get that sense of instant gratification from doing household chores like vacuuming and mopping the floor. The before and after is always great to see.


Our point is that it’s helpful to look at the activities you perform at work and at home to try to achieve some balance within them.

If your work produces intangible results in the short-run, try balancing it with activities at home that create quick tangible results. It will give you the mojo to keep plugging on longer term projects. It will help you reach bigg success.


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Couples Today are Rethinking Traditional Roles

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance


If you’re half of a dual-income couple with kids, working out your work – life balance involves negotiating at home and at work. First, you and your spouse need to discuss how household duties as well as child care responsibilities will be divvied up. Who does what when?

The best solution is what works best for you, not what society has traditionally expected. If it works for the two of you and your family, it works!

Redefining roles

According to the Council on Contemporary Families, working couples have seen some significant change in responsibilities over the last 30 years. Men are assuming more duties at home and with the children.

This evolution has been a logical response. If a woman has greater career potential than a man, it may make sense for the man to shoulder more family duties. This is now the case about one-third of the time.

So if a couple decides that’s the best trek for them, the next step involves negotiating at work. For men, this can be difficult because society still often regards household chores and child-rearing as the woman’s role.

Pay vs. flexibility

One of the most effective ways to get the flexibility you need is during a review. Especially if your employer is not able to offer you the pay raise you feel you deserve. Perhaps you can negotiate greater flexibility in lieu of the full pay raise you might like.

Balance your costs with your gains. You may not make as much money as you like, but you may also lower your costs. You can spend more time with your kids rather than paying someone else to do it. That difference may almost offset the lower pay raise.

Pay vs. telecommuting

A question to ask yourself (and your boss) is – can you do more work from home? Save both the time and money of commuting. With today’s high gas prices, you’ll save a lot of money. It doesn’t even have to be every day. Any day you don’t have to drive is a plus.

Once again, it may be best to bring this item up as part of a discussion of pay raises. Perhaps a concession to accepting less of a pay raise is to let you telecommute at least some of the time. You can quickly figure out if your savings equals what you had hoped to earn in additional income. And don’t forget – more income gets taxed, saving money on fuel doesn’t. So compare the after-tax income to the savings from not driving as much.

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Outsource Your Household Chores to Balance Your Life

By Bigg Success Staff

Work – Life Balance

Many of us work hard all week only to work hard on the weekend. We work our jobs and then we have a long list of chores to do at home.

Take a page from the corporate playbook – outsource!

More and more people are realizing that outsourcing routine chores increases their quality of life.

So hire a cleaning company to clean your house.

Find someone to mow your yard.

Stop trying to be Joe or Jane Handyperson. Contract it out.

Use a personal errand service.

There are many businesses that have cropped up that will help you handle any number of tasks on your to-do list.

Of course, you may enjoy some of these things. Like mowing the yard. Maybe you actually find it relaxing. So keep doing the things you love, but find things that you don’t enjoy and delegate them to other people or companies.

Your time is too precious to waste!

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