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Bad Examples of Multi-tasking


Some things go hand-in-hand. Love and marriage. Peanut butter and jelly. Even peanut butter and chocolate.

In an effort to get things done and manage our time, we multi-task. And sometimes we take it to an extreme.




georgeFor example, is it really necessary to take (or make) a call while going to the bathroom? Yet I’ve seen guys standing at the urinal while talking on their phones. If you make this a practice, do you flush?



marylynnI was in a store a few days ago. The woman behind the counter was vacuuming while she talked on the phone. I just don’t know how you combine those two tasks effectively.


Can you walk and text at the same time?

We’ve all heard about texting while driving. Well apparently, there’s been an outbreak in emergency rooms of people who were texting while walking. They’re missing the step off the curb and falling into cracks. And they end up needing medical treatment.

Maybe the old question, “can you walk and chew gum at the same time”, needs to be revised!

Cruise control isn’t automatic pilot!

Unfortunately, this next one is also a true story. A woman purchased a new Winnebago. On her first trip down the road, she set the cruise control in her new motor home. Then she left the driver’s seat and went to the back to make herself a sandwich. Needless to say the vehicle crashed. Winnebago now includes instructions in their owner’s manual to explicitly warn against this form of multi-tasking!

Tossing the salad

Our favorite example, though, is the Seinfeld episode where Kramer installed a garbage disposal in his shower. He loved to shower, but it took up too much time. So he started multi-tasking. Among other things, with the disposal installed, he found he could make dinner while he showered.

Once his dinner guests found out how their dinner had been prepared, they nearly tossed their salad!

What bad multi-tasking examples can you think of? 


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Which One of These 5 Words Describes Your Personal Niche?

By Bigg Success Staff

Personal Branding


In one episode of the sitcom Seinfeld, Kramer got a tip on a race horse. He utters one of the show’s more famous quotes:

“He’s a mudder. His father was a mudder. His mother was a mudder.”

A “mudder” is a horse who is known to run well on sloppy tracks.

That’s an ability that separates the horse from the others. When the track is muddy, you want to bet on a mudder.

So it goes with your personal brand. You need to know what separates you from the rest of the contestants in the race so people know when to bet on you.

5 niches

Many people don’t want to do the “dirty” work. Perhaps you thrive upon it. If you do, you’ll have a niche.

A lot of people drop out when things get difficult. If you have the ability to stick to it until you learn how to do it well, you’ll separate yourself from the crowd.

Most people aren’t comfortable doing things that might be considered unsafe. You can make a name for yourself by figuring out how to safely do things that others consider dangerous.

A lot of people are very risk-averse. You can build your brand by finding ways to manage the risk so you can afford to take the chance.

If you can customize solutions to the needs of the people you serve, you’ll have your own niche.

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