Money Smart Week podcast series episode numbers

4 Takeaways from 3 Renowned Personal Finance Experts

Money Smart Week podcast series episode numbers

We share four takeaways from our podcast interview series with three renowned personal finance experts. This show is made possible by

This is our wrap up show for Money Smart Week, a national public awareness campaign coordinated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, to help individuals and families better manage their personal finances.

To participate this year, we put together a special podcast series, featuring tips from three world-famous personal finance experts from their newest book:

On The BIGG Success Show today, we shared three of our favorite moments from the series, as well as our key takeaway from each of the authors and the BIGG overall takeaway. Here’s a summary of that discussion…

Favorite BIGG Moments

Remember math class? Our favorite moment with Erin was when she compared math class to investing. And it doesn’t have anything to do with numbers! Here’s Erin:
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