How Focus Leads to Failure

focus on this to be a BIGG SuccessYou need to focus if you want to be a BIGG success, right? Actually, it’s only partially true.

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BIGG success comes to people who eliminate options. So narrow your vision down to what you really want. Then focus on those few things you need to do today to move you closer to that destination.

So far, so good. Unfortunately, that’s not how most of us work.

We get distracted. Ok, we can summon the willpower to stay on task.

There’s a bigger problem. It doesn’t affect everyone. But if you’re one of those people who experience it affect, you’re not alone.

A lot of people focus on the negative. We’re not just talking about “the glass is half empty” here.

We’re talking about people who can’t get past the past. Past failures weigh on them. And like an anchor to a ship, it keeps them firmly stuck in place.

If this sounds like you, break the cycle. And the key is focus. In our time today, we want to discuss five things you should focus on.

Focus on how

Losers focus on why. Why it won’t work. Why they (or you) shouldn’t even try. They can come up with all kinds of reasons.

And guess what? They’re right. It won’t work – for them.

While losers focus on why, winners focus on how – how to make it work.

They come up with a plan. They anticipate obstacles. They start. They learn. They adapt. And they succeed!

Focus on now

Losers focus on yesterday and tomorrow. What went wrong yesterday? What could go wrong tomorrow?

They don’t really learn anything from the past. They just remember the failures and the feelings associated with it. They assume tomorrow will be just like yesterday. And it will be!

Once they’ve extracted all valuable lessons from the past, winners forget it. They focus exclusively on the here and now. They focus only on the most important things today.

They operate under the assumption that the future will be better than the past. And it will be!

Focus on pow

Losers focus on their weaknesses and shortcomings. They beat themselves up – again and again – for these past failures. They use these failures against themselves as evidence.

It just proves it – they are not good enough, smart enough, educated enough, experienced enough, connected enough, etc.

Enough is enough!

Winners focus on pow. They focus on their strengths. They approach everything from a position of power. They know they pack a mighty punch.

Focus on vow

Losers focus on everything. They make promises to themselves and to others. But because they’re trying to be all things to all people, they usually fall short.

Winners are careful not to over-commit themselves. They make vows. Then they focus all their energy on fulfilling it before making another vow.

Focus on wow

Losers focus on doing the minimum. They only worry about meeting expectations.

Winners focus on the wow. They want to exceed expectations – on the vows they’ve made to others and more importantly, the vows they make to themselves.

So they push themselves further every day. They often surprise even themselves!

The irony of focus

When it comes to focus, you have a choice to make. You can choose to focus on what you don’t want.

Think about it. Talk about it. And you know what? You’ll get it.

Focus can lead to failure.

But if you focus on what you do want, you’ll get that instead. You get what you focus on. Focus can lead to BIGG success!

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Image of car speeding by at the Indy 500

5 Ways to Stop Racing in Circles So You Can Succeed Bigg

Image of car speeding by at the Indy 500

The Indy 500 is this weekend. Now we’re fans of racing, but if you think about it, these drivers are just racing in circles. They drive around the same circle again and again. The fastest one to do it 200 times … to drive 500 miles … is the winner. But they haven’t gone anywhere. They finish in the same place that they started!

But the winner gets to drink milk!

Of course, winning races does take you places. But outside the racing world, if we just go racing in circles, continuing to do the same things, over and over again, we end up in the same place that we started.

Then we wonder why?

So we try working harder. However, we’re still doing the same things, so we just get back to the same place faster. But the problem is – we’re still in the same place! We haven’t gone anywhere.

So we just keep racing in circles, over and over again. Never making any progress. We have a lot of activity, but very little (if anything) to show for it. We can’t move past this one spot.

Speaking of over and over again, here’s a statement to read over and over again until you have it memorized …

If I continue to do what I’ve always done,
then the best I can expect is what I already have.

5 ways to quit racing in circles

#1 – Get out of your comfort zone.
Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you never push yourself beyond what you already know, you’ll never grow.

#2 – Identify what’s holding you back.
This could be your work place, certain relationships, personal habits, negative thinking, or any number of other things. What’s busting your dreams? What’s crushing your spirit?

#3 – Do the right things.
You know where you want to go. Everything you do should take you in that direction. Anything that doesn’t … doesn’t need to be done.

#4 – Work smarter.
Think about how you spend your time. It’s the most precious resource you have. Find ways to do the things you do more efficiently.

#5 – Get help.
Be it a coach or a mentor or some other advisor. If you’ve tried everything you know to try, bring in support. Don’t be afraid to pay for this investment in yourself.

Our BIGG quote today is by Barbara Sher:

“Real obstacles don’t take you in circles. They can
be overcome. Invented ones are like a maze.”

So to get to the winner’s circle, avoid the obstacles you create yourself.

Next time, we ask, “Are you A leader or THE leader?” Until then, here’s to your BIGG success!

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