Give Yourself a Raise

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Many people don’t realize they don’t have to wait on their boss to get a pay raise. You can give yourself a raise by following three steps. Brought to you by

We discussed pay raises on The BIGG Success Show today. You can do things which may increase your ability to get a pay raise, but you can’t control whether or not your boss gives you one. But you don’t have to rely on him or her. You can give yourself a raise. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

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How Getting a Raise Can Cost You blog post image

How Getting a Raise Can Cost You

How Getting a Raise Can Cost You blog post image

Getting a raise at work should be all good. But many people fall into a trap and end up in worse shape financially. Discover how to stay out of the trap.

We discuss the trap that comes from getting a raise on The BIGG Success Show today. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

This show was inspired by our latest free resource. It helps you quickly discover how your finances compare to an average American in five key areas. (You can sign up below to get your free copy.)

Do you think a pay raise is a good thing? Of course, it is. Right? But only IF you understand the inherent problem that comes with it. That’s what we want to discuss with you today.
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When to ask for a raise for BIGG Success

The Best Time to Make a Pay Raise Request or Ask for a Promotion

When to ask for a raise for BIGG SuccessWhen’s the best time to ask for a pay raise?

We were completely surprised by the answer. That’s the topic of this BIGG Success Show podcast episode. Click the player to listen, or read our summary below.

New research shows that, if the head of your company is a man, you’re likely to get a raise when his first daughter is born.

And female workers benefit more than the males! Women’s pay rose over one percent, almost twice the rate as men’s.

But if the baby’s a boy, you can actually expect to make less, no matter what sex you are.

So here’s the BIGG spin on this research: If your boss has a girl, jump with Joy (or whatever the new girl’s name is). If it’s a boy, run and hide!

Now is the time

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for a birth. But you better hurry!

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Make 55 Percent More Money – Part 2

We are continuing our discussion on how to make 55-percent more money.

Last time, we discussed using the way a venture capitalist invests as a model for how we invest our time. We talked about a 4-step process to create a portfolio of activities that generates the greatest return.

The example

Now we want to look at an example. Let’s say that you make $100,000 a year. You invest 2,500 hours a year – 50 hours a week for 50 weeks – to earn that money. We immediately see that you’re making $40 an hour.

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Make 55 Percent More Money – Part 1


We recently did a couple of posts about project selection – how to choose the projects that are best for you. First, we talked about knowing if you should invest your money in a project. Then we integrated the value of our time into the project selection methods.

Now we want to extend that concept. We hear a lot about the right mix of assets when it comes to investing in our retirement portfolios. But we don’t often think of the activities we perform – how we invest our time – as a mix of assets.

Investing time like a venture capitalist allocates money

We should because the things we do should add value to our lives or we shouldn’t do them. So we want to approach our investment of time like it’s a portfolio … specifically, a venture capitalist’s portfolio.

A venture capitalist invests in a bunch of companies. Then they see how they perform and make decisions. If a company is hitting its marks, they keep funding it. If not, they don’t. They are constantly allocating money to the companies that look like they will generate the greatest return.

We can use this as a model for how we invest our time.

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