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The Deal of Your Lifetime

sale We have an idea for your personal finances. Now if you’re one of our regulars, we may surprise you a little with what we’re about to say …

Go out and spend some money!



Markets go through cycles. Sometimes it’s a seller’s market. But right now, we’re in a buyer’s market for almost everything!

Now, before you take our advice and rush out the door on a quest for that perfect item, consider these four questions:

  • Do you feel relatively secure in your job or your business?
  • Are you debt-free except for your low-cost mortgage on which you’re current?
  • Are you funding your long-term obligations (e.g. the kids’ college, your retirement)?
  • Do you have a nice stash of cash set aside for emergencies?

If you clear those four hurdles, you’re good to go … to go get the deal of your lifetime.

Spend, baby, spend!

It’s good for the economy, but even more important, it’s good for you. Because we’re seeing deals right now that we will probably never see again in our lifetimes.

Like the car dealer who is offering a two-for-one sale – buy a car and he’ll throw in a second car of equal or lesser value for free! That’s right … free! Did you ever think you’d see anything like that?

Many contractors are starving for work. It’s a great time to remodel your home – get those improvements done you’ve been putting off, add that room, remodel that bathroom or kitchen.

While we normally don’t suggest building a new home, for financial reasons as well as the emotional strain it can put on a relationship, it’s a fantastic time to think about having that dream house built.

And let’s not leave out businesses. Vendors in so many product lines just want some business. It’s a great time to expand or upgrade your business.

The paradox

Here’s the irony in our current situation – spenders are faced with great deals, but they often can’t clear the hurdles above. So they can’t spend!

Many savers have seen the value of their investments fall back ten years. So perhaps the lesson – live a little now, too! It will go against your grain to go out and shop. But look at it this way – you’re saving money because, by doing it now, when suppliers across the board need the money – you’ll get the deal of your lifetime! 


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Thanks so much for reading our post today. Join us next time when we diss on Plan B. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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You Can Be Debt Free with These 5 Steps

By Bigg Success Staff

Bigg Success with Money


It’s funny how many people loathe the thought of renting because “it’s just throwing money away”. Yet those same people think nothing of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest on debt (i.e. “rent” money). Debt costs you money that could be spent elsewhere for something more important or more fun.

Too much debt can also cost you time – juggling bills, answering collection calls, and the like. But there’s still a higher price for excessive debt. It creates stress and worry. Your health may suffer as well.

So getting out of debt is a worthy goal. Here are five steps to do it:

Step 1: Stop adding to it

As long as you’re adding to your debt, you’ll never be financially free. So make a point to pay for everything you buy. If you can’t pay for it when you buy it, don’t buy it.

Step 2: Find a reserve

Now, you just have to go one step further and things can really start going your way. Spend a little bit less than you make every month. We have a great thought-starter on how to do it called 860 63 Moves to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck].

This little bit of money is like a tiny snowball at the top of the hill. It will start rolling down the hill and get bigger and bigger. That is, this little bit of money you’re saving each month is going to set you free from the burdens of living with a lot of debt. 

Step 3: Pick either your highest cost or your lowest balance liability

Next, look at what you owe. Pick either the debt that’s costing you the most money (i.e. the debt with the highest interest rate) or the outstanding account you have with the smallest balance.

The first one (the highest interest rate) is the best move for you financially, as long as you follow through on your plan to pay off your debt. But the second one may work better for you because it delivers the quickest psychological rewards, so you’re more likely to stick with your plan. The key thing is to pick a strategy and go for it.

Step 4: Use your reserve

Now you’re going to take that reserve from Step 2 and apply it to the account you picked in Step 3, along with your regular payment. Keep going until that account is paid off. The snowball is starting to get bigger now!

Step 5: Double down and repeat

You’ve paid off one account. Now take all the money you were paying on that account, including the reserve from Step 2, and apply it to the regular payment on another account. Keep doing this until you’ve got all your debt paid off!


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Are You A Savvy Spender?

By Bigg Success Staff

Test Yourself


There’s a lot to be learned if you want to manage your money effectively. You have to know how to set aside money in the first place and then know where to invest it once you have it.

It all starts with spending. Some people spend too much money, failing to save for unplanned events and important priorities. Others are too miserly – they’re so focused on the future that they don’t enjoy what they have today.

Find out where you stack up!

The good people at MSN have developed the Savvy Spending Quiz to test your money management skills. Just answer the 20 questions – it will take you less than 10 minutes – to know how you stack up!

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This Little Piggy Bank

By Bigg Success Staff

Bigg on Money


Financial planners for years have said that we should set aside ten percent of everything we make.

Richard Jenkins, editor-in-chief of MSN Money and author of A simpler way to save: the 60% solution, has another outstanding idea:

Spend 60% of all you make!

We know what you’re thinking – you just went from getting to spend 90 percent to only getting to spend 60 percent!

But you haven’t heard the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say.

Piggy Bank #1 – This little piggy stays home.

This piggy bank gets sixty percent of your GROSS income. You’ll use it to buy the basics – things like food, clothing, household expenses, taxes, insurance, donations, and the like.

Piggy Bank #2 – This little piggy goes to the market.
This piggy bank gets ten percent of your gross income to invest in long-term assets, like the stock market. Most likely, your vehicle will be a tax-advantaged account, like a 401(k) through your employer.

Piggy Bank #3 – This little piggy gets the beef.

Set aside ten percent in this piggy bank to beef up your long-term savings even more. You’ll also invest this in long-term assets, but you’ll want to maintain enough liquidity so the money is available for an extreme emergency.

Piggy Bank #4 – This little piggy gets none.

The ten percent that goes into this account is for irregular expenses. So you won’t get any long-term benefit from this piggy bank. What you will get is the ability to pay for large expenses upfront instead of with a credit card. So from this account, you’ll pay for your vacations, major repairs, replacement of appliances, gifts and the like.

Piggy Bank #5 – This little piggy cries “Wee, wee, wee” all the way home!
This ten percent is your fun money. It’s your reward for setting aside the money in the other piggy banks the way you planned to. Think about it this way –

If you meet your goals, you get to spend an extra ten percent!

Now isn’t that a better way to look at it?

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