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A New Media Maverick

Walter-CronkiteThere was a young man who jumped into new media. The established people in his industry didn’t want to do it. They thought it was beneath them.

They decided they didn’t want to play the game at all. They said it was just a fad. It didn’t have legs for the long term. No serious person would ever get involved in this silly stuff. It was child’s play.



But the young man didn’t listen. He saw his bigg opportunity. So he jumped in with both feet.

Something interesting happened. This new media had more impact than the old pros would have ever dreamed. By the time they realized it, the young man was established. The old pros never caught up.

The new media we’re talking about here is television. The young man was Walter Cronkite. He said he didn’t become who he was because he was better. He became the most trusted person in the United States because he was there early.

History repeats itself

You may have thought we were talking about social media. And you would be right to think so. We hear a lot of the same kind of things said about it. A lot of people think it is just a passing fancy.

Because they don’t get it. They don’t understand that the genie is out of the bottle. That business communications have changed forever again.

Social media’s impact on sales

There was a study released a while back that looked at large company performance. More specifically, it looked at social media activity and sales growth.

It was conducted by Wetpaint, a social media platform, and Altimeter Group, a digital consulting firm. They looked at the top brands in the world and rated their social media activities. Then they compared the level of activity to the change in sales over the last year.

On average, they found that the more active a company was in social media, the more likely they were to see an increase in sales. The most active companies increased sales by 18% while the least active saw sales decline by 6%.

Companies with dedicated teams performed the best. However, these teams take social media to the whole organization. They view social media as a tool they can’t live without. They are conversational, not promotional.

How does this apply to small businesses? We think the opportunity is even greater. But you, the owner, have to get it. You have to learn how to use these new tools to increase your sales.

Walter Cronkite found his bigg opportunity by jumping on the train early. You’ll find bigg success by integrating social media into your business communication strategies.


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Thank you so much for reading our post today.

Next time, we’ll talk about thinking entrepreneurially with your personal finances.

Please join us. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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The Secret to Action

Sharon Ayn joined us on the show today. She is the author of five books, including the newly released Create Your Own Reality: The Ancient Wisdom. Sharon has made many appearances on radio and television, including the nationally syndicated radio show, Minding Your Business, and an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.



marylynnWhat inspired you to write your latest book?



sharynI work with entrepreneurs and people who have been downsized, and I’ve found one thing that’s consistent. People know they could do better, work less, and make more money, but without someone stimulating their imagination, it’s very difficult to go through a change. So the book is designed to help people realize that, no matter what’s going on in their life, if they take one step or enroll one person at a time, they can change anything that isn’t the way they wanted it.


georgeWhen we talked before our interview, you said that this book goes beyond where The Secret took us.


sharynExactly. I love the fact that The Secret brought consciousness to so many people about staying positive, but the one thing people missed is being in action. You have to be in action. It's not enough just to think about it. You have to take a proactive role in your life.


marylynnWhat do you think keeps people from taking action … what is it that holds people back?



sharynSome people truly believe that they’re not entitled. Some people think it’s too much work to get what they want. Other people are too overwhelmed by what’s first, so they just stay at what they’re doing even if it’s not what they want.


marylynnFor someone who feels that, what would be the one thing you would tell them to work on right now?


sharynMake a list of all the things you want to change, but put it in the positive. I work with clients who want a better job. I get them to describe what it’s like to work at the company, what their tasks are, what the people are like that they work with. And then backtrack – how do we get to that point? So for anything that you want to change, what is the first step you can take to be in control? Because I think a lot of this is people feeling that they are out of control of their own lives.


georgeThat is awesome … there’s a lot of practical advice that people can use right away in this book.


sharynIt’s simple knowledge that most people don’t apply to their own life, even though they might be aware of it.


marylynn Oprah calls it the “aha” moment. What do you call it?



sharynIt’s the dawning of the day when, like in City Slickers, you get your “do over”. So don’t think, my life is just surrounded by quagmire, all my friends are always complaining and leaning on me, my relationship isn’t working … we’re fighting all the time, I hate my job, and all these things. Instead, think about every day being brand new. Every day, we get to reinvest ourselves.


Sharon’s book comes with bonuses

You get an incredible $4,661 in bonuses when you buy Sharon’s wonderful book, including great material from:

  • Annie Jennings, who helps people who want to be authors or speakers, and get interviewed on the radio.
  • Dave Sheffield, who works with corporations, helping people take the first step to change what’s happening in their career.
  • Jim Bouchard, a good friend of ours, who helps people tap into their personal power. Jim’s material alone makes it a great deal to us!

Find Sharyn's book at


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The King Of Television

By Bigg Success Staff

Success Stories


The King of Television

Your life has almost certainly been touched by Roger King.

Oprah. Wheel of Fortune. Jeopardy. Dr. Phil. Rachael Ray. These are all shows that Roger King helped popularize through his innovative company, King World Productions.

Roger King passed away recently, leaving a legacy of entrepreneurship and salesmanship. He, and his brother Michael, turned a fledgling family business into a dominant force in television.

Cynthia Littleton, a friend of the family and writer for Variety, has two posts you should check out for all the details of this magnificent man. Here are the links:

Roger King: Michael remembers

Roger King: A sui generis TV titan

Here are lessons you can learn from Roger King:

  • Change creates opportunity
  • Roger King saw his opportunity when the federal government changed the rules on television programming. That change opened the door for Roger to work with local affiliates of the major networks.

    When you see change occurring, ask yourself where the opportunity is. You may create your own dynasty!

  • Relationships matter
  • Roger delivered what he promised. The general managers of local television stations knew he was with them for the long haul. So when he presented something out-of-the-ordinary, they went along because they trusted him.

    The biggest asset you’ll ever have, other than yourself, is your relationships with people. Work daily to develop and maintain them.

  • Perseverance wins
  • Roger and Michael were one step away from going bust after their main distributor severed ties with them. King World was still a small company. Nobody had heard of them.

    Roger began calling Merv Griffin, the creator of Wheel of Fortune, to take the show to the evening air waves. He didn’t give up, and Merv eventually gave in. The rest is history.

    When you run into a wall, get over it, under it, around it, or through it. Don’t get discouraged – that’s a key trait of the most successful people.

  • You can change the world
  • Oprah gives Roger credit for taking her nationwide. But it wasn’t easy – especially in the south. As an example, Roger loved telling a story about one station manager who said that he could put a potato in a chair and pull better ratings.

    We know who got the last laugh! As the years passed, stations like these came pleading for Oprah’s show. Roger sold them the rights – but at a premium!

    One person can change the world. More importantly, YOU can change the world.

Hear today's lesson and laugh on The Bigg Success Show.