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Stop Trying to Fit into the World

puzzle_piece Here we are. It’s February 27. And we don’t know what to do. You see, last year was Leap Year and we got married on Leap Year Day, February 29. So we’re ready to celebrate our one-year anniversary and the date doesn’t exist!




I guess you’re off the hook, George!



Well, now Mary-Lynn, it takes two to tango!


Of course we knew this when we got married, but we still thought it was fun to get married on Leap Year Day. We get a lot of jokes about it.


marylynnYeah George, you get a lot of high fives from the guys because they think you only have to remember our anniversary every four years!



They think I’m a genius!


One of the interesting things we learned about February 29 is that it doesn’t exist as an option on many drop-down lists. For instance, people born on Leap Year Day can’t enter their correct date of birth. Or, if you’re like us, and you were married on Leap Year Day, the real date often isn’t an option.

We don’t fit into the world. So what are we going to do about that? What do you do when you don’t fit into the world?

Our answer is to make the world fit us instead of trying to fit into the world.

We realized that this is an opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons, as the saying goes. So we’re not going to celebrate on February 28 or March 1. Nope.

We’re going to celebrate on both days!

First, did you notice that, by making the world fit us, we get to celebrate twice as much?
Now that’s a good deal! And that’s often the case – if we stop trying to fit into the world, and instead make the world fit us, we end up much happier with the results.

Second, it doesn’t have to work for anybody but us because it doesn’t affect anyone but us. We’re perfectly happy celebrating for two days instead of one. We’re just fine with the date of our wedding not being on the calendar every year. Because it made us come up with a better alternative!

And in being forced to come up with that better alternative, we ended up with an answer that’s even better than if we weren’t faced with this situation. We will get to spend even more time together. 


Hey, I just thought of something … does this mean double the gifts?



georgeYou’ll just have to wait and see, Mary-Lynn. But I just thought of something too. What do we do in 2012 when there actually is a February 29?



marylynnHmmm, that’s a good question. I guess we’ll have to celebrate for three days … three times the gifts sounds like a good deal to me! Now I’m the genius!



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Thanks for checking in with us today. Join us next time when we discuss the lost art of making change. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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What to Do if You’re Not Happy with Your Job

By 440 Wynn Bigg]
Bigg Success Contributor

Wynn Bigg Today

Daniel and Debra are two of my closest friends. My wife, Fanny, and I recently attended the wedding of their “little girl”, Denise. Only she isn’t so little any more … I know I’m biased, but she was a beautiful bride.

It was great to see old friends again and catch up with all their comings and goings. But it’s the conversation I had the day before the wedding that I wanted to talk about today.

Fanny and I got to Dan and Deb’s house early Thursday afternoon. Dan was out-of-town on business; he wasn’t expected in for about five hours. Fanny, Deb, and Denise went shopping to take care of some last-minute details before the bigg day.

That left Derek and me. Derek graduated from college about three years ago. I’ll never forget the look on his Dad’s face when Derek went up to get his diploma.

Derek went to work for a large company. He was so excited because they had selected him for the management fast-track. He would rotate through a number of divisions and assignments over the next few years.

Derek and I hadn’t seen much of each other since he started his job. It was a gorgeous day, so we sat down by the pool to catch up.

I said, “Geez, Derek, I can’t remember the last time we really got to talk.”

“Yeah, it’s been a few years, Uncle Wynn.” The kids called me “uncle”, although we weren’t actually related.

“So how have you been?”

“Doing pretty good.”

“How’s the job?”

“It’s going pretty well.”

“Is it everything you hoped it would be?”

“Well, I guess I’ve learned quite a bit.”

“I’m sensing that you’re not telling me something.”

“Well, I guess the job’s alright … it’s just not everything I had hoped for. I feel like I could be doing so much more.”

“Why do you feel that way?”

“I have friends who have done so much better.”

“But Derek, you can’t judge yourself by your friends.”

“I know, I know … but I’m nearing the end of their management program … I just don’t feel that there are any good opportunities for me.”

“Why is that?”

“Because they keep cutting back … they’re selling off the companies where I really wanted to go.” He squirmed in his chair, and tugged on his tee-shirt. “I guess, Uncle Wynn, I’m just not as happy in my job as I thought I would be,” he hesitated before continuing, “what do you do if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing?”

“Ah, that’s a good question, grasshopper! You know, I get asked a question like this a lot. It’s really a very simple answer … you have to either change the job or change jobs.”

“What do you mean … change the job?”

“Well … you’ve made an investment in your current job. So has your company. So it makes sense to first try to change it so that it makes you happy.”

“How do I do that?”

“First, decide what you want from your job. We make the best decisions we have with the information we have. But we’re constantly getting new information. When you took this job, you made the best decision you could. Now you know more about your company, there have been some changes, and most importantly, you know more about yourself. So what do you want now? That’s the first thing you have to do.”

“Okay, so what’s the second?”

“Talk to your supervisor, or your HR people. Tell them what you want to do … what you want from your job. See what options they may have.”

“And if they can’t come up with anything that fits, I’ll have to start looking for a different job.”

“That’s right, Derek … you either have to change the job you have or you have to change jobs. Because work is too bigg a part of your life to not be happy at work.”

“Wow, Uncle Wynn … that helps. I’ve really been stressing over this. Thanks for the advice!”

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