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Expert Session - Engaging Employees

Featuring: Karen Evenson & Larry Kammien of Leadership & Organization Solutions, LLC

Get expert advice on "The 3 R's of Employee Engagement"

In This Session:

*The 3 levels of measurement for employee engagement

*How to engage people before you hire them

*How to motivate across generational lines

*2 important questions to ask your employees

*Reward programs to help you meet your goals without busting your budget

*What thousands of employees have told Karen and Larry that you need to know

*The most powerful motivator in recognition

*All this great information in under 20 minutes of your time

About the Hosts:

George Krueger & Mary-Lynn Foster are co-hosts of The Bigg Success Show,
a daily 5-minute lesson & laugh on personal and professional development.

About the Experts:
Larry and Karen have merged their talents to form Leadership & Organization Solutions, LLC. The partnership leverages their combined 50 years of comprehensive corporate and small business experience. LOS focuses on leadership and organization development through management consulting and strategic planning, designing and administering HR instruments including employee surveys, conducting customer satisfaction surveys, giving motivational speeches, as well as designing, developing and delivering corporate training materials. Find them online at

Approximately 30-minutes of expert advice.

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