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It's Nice To Be Nice… And A Little Bit Naughty!

By Bigg Success Staff 12-20-07 Life Skills 

By Bigg Success Staff

Life Skills


It’s Nice To Be Nice … And A Little Bit Naughty!

Being nice is a choice. A powerful choice.
Yes, you can choose to be nice …

… an act of kindness, a friendly spirit, a pleasant smile …

 … or you can choose to be apathetic, or downright mean.

It’s up to you. Every time you see another human being, you make the choice.

Be nice to strangers
We walk by people on the street or in the hallway. We share elevators. Stand together in line. Would some eye contact be so bad? How about a little smile? Go all out and give up a little nod. You’ll warm the hearts of others by sharing this simple human experience.

Be nice to those who aren’t nice to you.
You can’t control someone else’s behavior. But you can control your own. Be nice in the face of cruelty. You may find that if you change how you treat them, they’ll change how they treat you.

Be patient – give them time to come around. Odds are it will happen. If not, you’ll know you’re the bigger person!

Be nice to those close to you.
Some people take license with their dearest friends and family. They’re nicer to people they barely know than they are to the people closest to them.

Don’t be one of these people. Be even nicer to your close circle of friends and family. They deserve it – they put up with you! That wasn’t very nice, was it? So sorry!

Be nice to yourself.
You deserve it! There … did we make up for not being nice just a sentence or so ago? Some people tell themselves things they would never say to other people. That’s not helpful at all. It’s good to reflect on how you can improve; it’s unproductive to beat yourself up.

… and be a little bit naughty.
Have fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t take others too seriously, either. A smile and a laugh go a long way in endearing you to others, too. Tease them … but don’t get personal. They’ll love the attention!

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(Photo by: Claire L. Evans)