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The Happiness Battle of the Sexes

What makes you happy?

We now know what makes our Australian friends happy thanks to a recent study by The Leading Edge, a marketing consulting firm, based in Sydney.



It’s interesting to look at the similarities and differences between men and women.

Entertainment was the #1 choice for men and the #2 selection for women. Rest and recreation was the opposite – women selected it as #1 and men said it was #2.

One bigg difference was where they ranked sex. Women would rather enjoy a family meal, play with their children, or even play with their pets, than have sex according to the study.

But before you guys snicker too much – more men would rather surf the internet than make love! Read the study … we’re not making this up!

In fact, surfing the net ranked #3 with men, but barely made the list at #10 for women. This was the single biggest disparity in the top 10 list between men and women – followed by sex, which was #5 for men and #9 for women.  


I wonder … if men spent less time surfing the net, would their women be more interested in sex?



georgeWell, maybe the women should pay less attention to their pet and more attention to their man!


Both sexes agreed on the joy of spending quality time with their partner. It ranked #4 on both lists. Ah … isn’t that sweet?

Only thirty percent of the women ranked shopping as the single activity that made them the happiest, which was lower than the researchers expected. Of course, men ranked shopping far down on their list, living up to expectations.

The conclusion from this research, as you look at the full list of responses by men and women, is that happiness is not about acquiring material goods or even accomplishments. It comes from good relationships and great experiences.

Your own survey

As we carve out our time for play, it’s important to set aside time for just you, for just your spouse, and for your immediate family. Of course, you’ll also plan to spend time with friends and your extended family from time to time.

As we talked about this survey in Australia, we realized that it would be good to conduct our own survey of our own loved ones. Ask your spouse what makes him or her happy. Ask your kids what they would think would be fun.

Then compare notes and develop an activity plan to make sure that everyone in your family is getting their share of chosen activities.

The best recipe for bigg fun is creating great experiences with the ones you love. 


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We’ve heard a lot of talk recently about toxic assets. Next time, we’ll discuss toxic debt. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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