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Happy People Make Happy Employees

By Bigg Success Staff

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Happy People Make Happy Employees

Do you want to be happy at work? Then be happy with yourself. That’s the result of revealing new research by Nathan Bowling, a psychology professor at Wright State University. The paper is titled:

Is the job satisfaction–job performance relationship spurious? A meta-analytic examination.

Dr. Bowling finds that job satisfaction is linked to performance because of personality characteristics of the employee.

So employers can’t cajole employees to be more productive with initiatives to make them happy. Instead, the extent to which the employee is happy, personally, determines, in part, how happy they will be professionally.

Making the invisible visible
Your work is the external manifestation of your internal feelings. Put another way, your work is a reflection of who you are. It’s a mirror of a different sort – when you see your work, you see yourself.

If you’re unhappy with yourself, you’ll be unhappy with your work. Your boss. Your company. Conversely, if you’re happy with yourself, you’re more likely to be happy with your work, your boss, and your company.

So don’t look at your work as something outside yourself, see it as the opportunity that it is – the chance to discover who you really are.

Who are you? Do you like what you see? If not, what will you do to change it? You have two choices:

Change your attitude to change your life.
This is the preferred choice. It involves the least change. It’s the safest bet. Most of the time, this is all it takes.

A very successful person we know shared this story.

My first job after college was with a very large company. I quickly developed a group of friends in the company. We did our jobs; we put in our time. Sure, we complained – about our boss, our company, our industry. Who doesn’t do that, right?

There were a bunch of guys we called the “golden boys”. We loved making fun of them. Why not? They were always getting the best projects, the promotions, and the raises.

One day, I was assigned to a project with one of these golden boys. I noticed some things. He never bad mouthed the company. Or our boss. In fact, he had positive things to say about both of them.

He got to work fifteen minutes earlier than my old gang did. He stayed fifteen minutes later. Just a lot of little things.

I decided to emulate him. I started to get to work a little earlier and stay a little later. I started seeing the positive side of things.

The next thing I knew, my boss offered me a promotion. Of course, I gladly accepted! I guess, now, I’m a golden boy!

A simple change of attitude may lead to doing the little things that make bigg differences!

Change your life to change your attitude.
The first one was easy. This one’s hard. Sometimes … occasionally … you need to change your job, maybe even your career. If your industry is maturing, it may be better to move on.

In today’s world, this happens more frequently. Change creates opportunity. But it also creates destruction. You need to develop the foresight to see the decline coming so you can move on your schedule. It’s not fun … but it can be exciting.
But one final caveat – make sure you’re not changing jobs or careers because you’re unhappy on the inside. No change will fix that, except a change of attitude!

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