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Are you like Santa … or Scrooge?

By Bigg Success Staff

 Test Yourself


Find out if you’re a giver or a taker with this fun little quiz. You’ll know in less than two minutes!  The give-or-take test, developed by the good people at Queendom, helps you know how you’re likely to do in your relationships. 

Healthy relationships require give … and take. Imbalance leads to dissatisfaction. You can’t just give and give and give. However, you do have to come through when people really need you.

You can’t be comfortable with others, until you’re comfortable with yourself. That’s the starting point. Then recognize your own needs and wants, as well as the needs and wants of the people you care about. Now you can judge the situation and weigh your needs and wants with the needs and wants of the person involved.

We think you’ll like this quick quiz – we did!

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