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By Bigg Success Staff

Leading-Edge Application

In our leading-edge applications, we usually tell you about a tool that you can get for free. That’s not the case this week because Amazon’s Kindle has caught our attention.

Kindle is a portable reading device that helps you keep up when you’re on the move. You can easily download blogs, newspapers, magazines, and books through a wireless connection just like your cell phone. No need for WiFi!

Amazon used a special “electronic paper” display so reading on your Kindle is as easy as reading a book! At the size of a paperback book, Kindle is easy to take with you. No need to worry about what books you’ll bring with you on your next vacation – take them all, on your Kindle!

A Kindle can be pricey, but the upside is that you can buy many books from the New York Times best seller list, as well as many other best sellers, for just $9.99!

In all, more than 90,000 books are already available for download. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post can be delivered direct to your Kindle. Here’s another great Kindle feature – you get a sneak peek into a book before deciding if you want it. You can read the entire first chapter as a trial.

Kindle your interest in reading the 21st century way!

*We are an Amazon Affiliate. If you click on the link to the image above and purchase a Kindle, we will get a small portion of the sale.