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7 Steps To Lead Your Troops To Victory

By Bigg Success Staff

Leadership Skills


Just like great generals lead their soldiers into battle, you guide your troops to success. Great leaders, like great generals, develop a battle plan and then execute around it. With that in mind, here are seven steps to lead your troops to victory.

#1 – Define victory
What’s your vision of success? You need to clearly communicate that to your troops. Your vision should be short, compelling, and memorable. It should paint a picture of what victory looks like and what it means.

#2 – Delineate roles
Your people need to understand their role in your vision. Don’t make the mistake of relegating duties. As a good general, you’ll delegate responsibilities along with the authority needed to carry out their mission.

#3 – Establish the ground rules
You need to set the boundaries. Clearly state how you and your troops will work together on the path to victory. Let them know what resources are available to aid them in the battle. Finally, let your troops know the rewards for achieving victory.

#4 – Set the example
The battlefield is no place for “do as I say”. You have to show your troops that you are committed to the cause. You’re willing to do whatever it takes, subject to the ground rules you’ve established, to get the job done.

#5 – Admonish appropriately
You’ll have troops that fall out of line – in their behavior and in their performance. You must respond quickly. Do it privately – criticizing publicly rarely produces good results in the long run. Don’t think of this as a confrontation. You’ll do much better if you plan for a conversation.

#6 – Share the glory
As you march toward victory, recognize the people who have made the most significant contributions. Do this publicly. Great leaders share too much of the glory – this reinforces their bond with their troops. Everybody loves being part of a winning team!

#7 – Stay focused
Constantly keep your vision in front of your troops. Focus all your energy and resources on achieving what you set out to do. Don’t let anything distract you and your troops from your mission – achieving the victory you defined! 

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