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What Causes Your Clutter?

By Bigg Success Staff

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According to Julie Morgenstern, you have to understand the root cause of your clutter to get rid of it. Julie is a speaker, productivity consultant, professional organizer, time management expert, and author of the best selling book Organizing from the Inside Out.

She says that popular opinion holds that clutter is caused by undesirable traits like laziness. She’s found that isn’t the case. Her research shows that there are three levels of clutter:

Level 1 – Technical errors
The most basic level of clutter means simple mistakes are being made, so they are relatively easy to fix. Errors here include not having a place for everything, having a place that’s not easily accessed, and too much “stuff” relative to the space you have.

Level 2 – External realities
At this level, things start moving outside your control. You may have too much to do with too little time to do it. You may be going through a transition of some sort. Your partner may be the issue. Or you simply just don’t have enough space.

Level 3 – Psychological obstacles
The third level means deeper issues are lurking beneath the surface. You may:

  • have a need for abundance
  • love the thrill of hunting for something you need
  • not have clear goals
  • have a sentimental attachment to your stuff
  • be a perfectionist

Now you can learn what’s causing your clutter. Oprah’s great people, along with Julie, offer a fantastic quiz to determine what causes your clutter. It will take you less than two minutes to answer the 15 questions.

When you’re done, you’ll see what level you’re at as well as get some solutions to begin getting rid of your clutter.

We have to go now – it turns out we need therapy!

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